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Is it just me or.....

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    Is it just me or.....

    do you all feel the same way I do?  Not so much bummed out about the season ending and all, but more bummed out about the whole experience in the last couple years.  Listen we have enjoyed 3 superbowls and 4 appearances in the last 10 years more than 90% of NFL fans could ask for.  We have a top 5 coach of all time and a top 3 QB of all time.  What should we really complain about, the 49ers had a run so didnt the cowboys and the steelers but things come to an end and those fan bases accepted that.  We are privledged to have been in the greatest decade of Boston sports period!  That all being said, the one thing that hurt me badly as I sit here and write this, is how much I dont look foreward to next year.  I have watching the Pats for 25 years and I have never missed a game....never.  Hard to believe I know, but I havent.  Every other fan base hates us and our own media is the most dour (hope I spelled that right) group of idiots I have ever heard.  Its becoming harder and harder to enjoy the team I have loved since pre bledsoe I loved them when they were 2-14 and I loved them when they were 14-2, but ill tell you its not easy to love something when all you are ever surrounded by is negativity.  Thanks for reading this long drawn out post I would love any comments positive or otherwise.  Had a great season with you all see you in the fall.
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    I was happy when we won in 2001, they completed my life, well except for the Teri Hatcher part. When we won 2 more in the next 3 years what more can ya say. In a "rebuilding year" we won 10 games, won the division and made the playoffs. I bet Tampa Bay, Detroit and St Louis wish in their "rebuilding" they could make these claims. I love the Pats, comon draft!
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    thanks phil that makes me feel better that there is atleast one other positive person out there :)
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    The smirking question I had to fend off all day at work today was, "Is the dynasty over, Mike?'

    To which I would happily reply, "Well . . .  if it is, at least we had one."

    No team goes on forever.

    Not the Packers.

    Not the Steelers.

    Not the 49ers.

    Not the Cowboys.

    And not the Pats.

    If people want to jump off the wagon (and -- good lord, I wish some of them would) because the Pats couldn't overcome myriad obstacles and a well-prepared Ravens team yesterday, I would encourage that and wish them well cheering on the talking heads on The Weather Channel or getting pumped for Anthony Boudain's next adventure (or whatever it is bandwagon fans do when there aren't any frontrunners around to latch onto).

    Personally, I don't think anything is over.

    The Pats are just rebuilding.

    You know who else is rebuilding.

    The Lions.

    And the Rams.

    And the Raiders.

    And the Browns.

    And the Seahawks.

    And the Bears.

    And the Redskins.

    And the Chiefs.

    And . . .

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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    I think alot of their magic is because of the QB.  Listen to those analysts week in and week out.....surely the most important position. 

    The radio stations are challenging the decisions....all these value trades etc.

    The fact that the Jets have done the opposite of the Pats (in recent years) UP for Revis, Harris and Sanchez vs trading down for value.  Signing many free agents Jenkins, Woody, Fanaca, etc. versus jettisoning ours Samual and Seymour.

    I'm no saying the Jets way is better than the value way.   As we know that approach tends to be all or nothing resulting in one 12-4 season followed by a 5-11 season.  That's the Jets for you. 

    What I am saying is somewhere in the middle is the best.  Somewhere along the way they diverted from this approach.  Parcells and the 49er's of the early 90's believed in the core player principle (for the lack of a name).  That you have anywhere from 11-15 core players with the remaining 30-35 guys being the "value" and versatile guys.  Now here is my point......somewhere they got into this mentality that some of the core guys should be value based......hence they bypassed guys they could have drafted for other who they perceived as higher value.....(i.e.  good player less salary).  Who knows?  Maybe theu still practice this approach but have made judgement mistakes on their core guys.  I think they simply knew when to cut the cords on several of the core guys.....they've simply replaced them with lesser talent.

    Parcells once said if your team is a bunch of 4th'll play like it.  Translation:   You need a couple of "stars".  So passing on the likes of Mathews and Maualuga (in past years Revis) etc.  May eventually be starting to catch up with them. 

    They obviously had success developing guys like Asante and assumed they could do that with anybody (water into wine theory).   Stop trading down.
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    Wow , where have you guys been all my life(actually just my time on here). But its good to see some intelligent disscussion, with some perspective. Im kinda torn, Im 28, so Ive seen some really, really, wow were they bad teams. In the late 80's and throughout the 90's. So I appreciate the best ten years Boston has ever seen IMHO, but I do want more, mostly I think because these teams we have can produce more. Yea the celts are a bunch of rockin' chair gheezers, but they play some of the best team D in the past 20 years.(maybe not of late lol) And the Pats, well I hate saying it and being "one of thoses idiots" but they do still have 12, 81 and BB. Their not not far off at all, 2-3 more guys at positions of need, which is mosdef possible and their right there again. And big play rec or a tight end that actually performs tight end duties, such as go over the middle and make a big grab, you remember them, dont ya? A pass rush in the form of trade, draft, f/a isnt far-fetched. Like I said Im torn, I appreciate everything this city has given us, my g/f is from Buffalo!! They havnt even beatin' us since 03', so I understand what it could be like. But I think we always need to want just a lil' more, if not, people start to forget what its like to be #1. One day you wake up and your the Lions, or Bengals...really cant believe that stat..The Bengals havnt won a playoff game in 19 f-in years!, just a lil' perspective.
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    Schwank you make a point that Ive been hammering this team on. I love the value picks and building up our picks, I do, it always keeps us in the mix on any given year. But why not move up 1-2 spots and get a guy like a Harvin? We took Brace with that pick if my memory serves me right. Maybe some of you will disagree, but I said the same thing about Charles from Texas, now on KC. This team needs a couple of studs bad, and we shouldnt feel guilty about wanting a few. Sometimes I feel like this is Catholic school all over again, wanting that hot chick that rolled up her skirt a lil..AH sorry got carried away a lil, but I hope you see my point(there is one in there I promise) It almost seems like BB likes doing things the hard way, I know Harvin isnt the 2nd coming, but imagine him as a 3rd rec, the kid has shown he'll make a tough catch over the middle and he is fast, boy he's fast! Ive been on this for a while now, that saying every draft move up 15 spots, but their are guys worth doing that for once and awhile.
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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    My thoughts are there are just too many holes in this team.

    It's nothing that I can see as an easy fix. This season was inconsistant.

    I also think the wound is still fresh.

    We are spoiled rotten!! I loved watching the Pats even when we were in last place...then we started winning rings and it's all or nothing now.

    We're still a good team ... just not the best. Can win every year -- just can't

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    Re: Is it just me or.....

    As someone who grew up watching football in the 80's, the last 3 years have reminded me of the great Marino Dolphins teams: Amazing QB, but no desire to run the ball and an increasingly bad Defense (We can just outscore everyone!!!).

    Dan set records, but whose rings do you want to wear, Tom's or Dan's?
    Tom has been setting records, these past few years,  but at the expense of balance and rings. MEH

    I don't blame Brady, I'm sure he would rather win a Superbowl, completing 20 passes to 12 different receivers for only 1 TD and a 100 yd rusher, than chucking 50 TDs in a SB losing season...