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Is it time to revisit the 4-3?

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    Is it time to revisit the 4-3?

    As we're all wondering this offseason how BB will make improvements one thing I'd like to see done is a switch to the 4-3.

    I googled the topic and came up with a report from Buffalo,, this past January that upgrading the 4-3 is easier than switching to 3-4. The article is not about what I posted but some of the assumptions the author makes are applicable to NE's situation right now. Cold Hard Football Facts has an article on this subject where it says they are basically even on effectiveness but it was written in 2007. That said it made the point they're about equal in effectiveness.

    1. "In the 4-3 defense, there's more wiggle room in terms of the prototypes on the defensive line and at linebacker."
    - When you have a lot of holes to fill its easier done with the 4-3. Julius Peppers is comfortable in the 4-3 and doesn't need to learn a new position.

    2. "The biggest difficulty with the 3-4 defense is it's hard to find an elite nose tackle to clog the middle. The 3-4 also ideally puts big men — 285 pounds and up — at defensive end. If they're 295 pounds, even better. The inside linebackers should be in the 240-pound range. The outside linebackers should be athletic guys in the 255- to 265-pound range."
    -NE may lose VW. Ty Warren hasn't been as effective as the in the past. Jarvis Green is a FA and likely gone to NO. Its HARD to find an elite NT not to mention at least one more DE. Are any of these guys built to chase around the QB?

    The 4-3 is reputedly easier to learn than the 3-4 and I believe that will make it easier on college players coming to NE since they're probably used to playing the 4-3. Imagine finding a pass rusher who played right away and wan't a redshirt freshman learning the system.

    The Pats have a lot of big guys so why not create a system where you have more big men and less LBs? I'm not impressed with the LBs right now and if one sits down that's fine with me.

    Why not revisit this subject? This would be one way BB could show us he's trying really hard to take some lemons and make lemonaid.


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    Re: Is it time to revisit the 4-3?

    I am not saying he would never do it but I doubt Belichick will change to a 4-3 because he runs his own version of flex defense that morphs from no down linemen to five but is based off of a stock 3-4. I just don't see him doing it. Not to mention they are rebuilding the defense younger and there are going to be growing pains when that happens. I wouldn't worry about that yet especially since free agency is also available to upgrade the 3-4 and a few of the teams that run a 3-4 are limited in free agency this season due to final eight rule.