is REXY about to be EX-y in NEW YAWK?

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    Re: is REXY about to be EX-y in NEW YAWK?

    Firing Rex would be stupid imo.  Because of his contract Sanchez is going to be the QB in New Jersey next year.  No half decent coach is going to want to be stuck with that stiff at QB.  They have a better chance at getting a decent coach/GM if they just keep Rex and Sanchez around until 2014.  Then they can cut Sanchez at a much lower cost.  In addition they will have a lot of money coming off the books that year and the salary cap is going to go up meaning the new regime would have a lot of flexibility to remake the team which is what any of the "big names" are going to want.  But because it's the Jets and because of the media who knows what will happen.