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    as a show of "compassion" for the big fattty, i must say i felt a bit bad for the dude during his post-game interview. seems to have entered the world of full delusion. he actually said he wanted to go back out and face the pats the 15 yo guy who gets wedgied and dumped by his head in a toilet with crud in it by a tougher rival and have his girl borrowed as he is made a cuckoldd as he hears her enjoying her heat... then in total humiliation and desperation wanting to fight again and get more of a beatdown! so sad.. no way ryan's team will ever look at him in the same light again.. the biggest beatdown in his entire CAREER! HE and his entire team will live with scars of nightmares from this game for the indefinite future. i bet they too are now wondering if they will ever go on, if the light at the end of the tunnel is not a bus or another hit from mayo or banta-cain. all his talking and hype making has now turned into a implosive suicidal football rage.

    i bet you will find a VERY humbled jets team this week as they prep for miami. it wouldnt shock me if they get beat down there also. this team simply isnt that good. ONE victory over a team with a winnning record (transitioning PATS in week 2).  yep, lets blame and cut the kicker and punter not the big talker who deliberately prodded and poked the cobra called belichick and rattlesnake named  brady. he clearly has a deathwish and is SUICIDAL!
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    JUST HEARD ryan invoking the 85 bears and trying to compare this losss to that great team. this was more like 1986 jets who got blitzed on MNF and barely limped into the playoffs only to be squeezed out, never to be the same. this guy takes no hint!