Is the elephant in the room . . .

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    Re: Is the elephant in the room . . .

    In response to bredbru's comment:


    pro, you absolutely right, its a limiting factor of the offense. i have been saying this all year and writing about getting o line help in the draft  a better line (and an outside wr who can separate) would allow this offense to produce to its max ..... and be too much for any defense

    I'm curious bred.  Given the line they have is the line they have, how would you game plan against a team like SF or the Giants?  Is it just critical to have Gronk in the line up?  Or is there something they could have done differently even without Gronk? Should they go to a hyper conservative approach, where they punt a lot and try to win with defense? Is their defense good enough for that?

    Seems like they have to live or die with Brady and the short game in these situations.  Maybe that's all they can do.  I didn't see much of a running game until they spread things out and started running with Woodhead.  Not sure heavy formations and a power running approach would have worked (they didn't get much yardage when they lined up that way).  And a deep game is impossible when the QB doesn't have time and the receivers don't get much separation.  Quick, relatively short, passes seem to be all that works. 


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    Re: Is the elephant in the room . . .

    Yeah, the O-line suks. We're in deep trouble. Fire Scar. For 2 weeks in a row we made mediocre pass rushers like Aldon Smith, and JJ Watt look like they lead the league in sacks or something.

    Sarcasm over. I disagree with your assesment of the line. One thing is painfully clear though and has been for years. If we cannot run the ball, we cannot win big games. Granted our turnovers and terrible tackling in bad weather dug us a hole and we had to abandon the run, but it is no coincidence that we lose games where we become 1 dimensional. Combination of bad ball handling, bad decisions, facing  the best defense in the league and in general bad luck. 5 fumbles for niners but only 1 lost. The ball literally bounced into their hands. If we play this team in the SB with a healthy Gronk. I think we win comfortably.

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    Re: Is the elephant in the room . . .

    The 49ers have the best front 7 in the NFL and it isn't close.  Is it really surprising the O-line was inconsistent?  At the end of the day turnovers, blown coverages, no pass rush and horrendous ST play blew this game.  The O-line did not have a great game, but they played well enough for us to win (which is not something you could say about the 2007 unit in the SB for example).