Ok, confused a bit.

A Patriots employee was filming a few feet away from his assigned spot, the NFL headed by an Ex-NY Jet employee, opted to fine the HC $ 500,000.00 and take away a 1st round draft pick ( for cheating ), even though Sports Illustrated's Peter King came out with an article a few days ago saying the Pats never profited from this "illegal" (by a few feet) activity. Bottom line? The TEAM got penalized because of one man's actions.

Meanwhile, a NY Jet employee, PURPOSEFULLY stuck out a knee that injured an opposing player and was forced to miss some plays. In other words, the Trainer CHEATED!
Where is the $ 500,000.00 fine and loss of 1st round draft pick for the actions of that one man? Afterall, the Patriots were penalized for the actions of one man!

Is the Ex-NY Jet employee now turned NFL commish protecting his former team while dishing out a disproportionate punishment to his old opponents??  Got caught (and filmed) cheating and the only punishment is a 3 game ban? Really?!?! Three games?? Three games and the playoffs equates to a three game ban cause we already know the CHEATING Jet's won't be in the playoffs.