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In Response to Re: Is there an explanation for this madness? : Solder is absoloutley a project.  He only had 21 reps at the combine which is well under par for his position.  He also has issues with being stood up by defenders.  Im not saying he's not a great player, I just think we could had similar value later in the first round and picked up a pass rusher with 17 thats all.  I wasnt basing anything off youtube highlights lol I was just commenting to the burger king man that if he wasnt sure if Mikel Leshoure could catch a football maybe he could atleast look at a youtube highlight reel before running me for my post. I personally dont know jack crap compared to BB, thats why he makes millions and I do construction lol.  I just think its fun to look at what could have been and play with the idea of how I would  have done it.  I have no illusions that I am this football master evaluator.  Nor am I a strong speller lol.
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thanks for yoru comments ender.