Is This Really True?, I need Proof

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    Re: Is This Really True?, I need Proof

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    Ok, I remember that one to Wes, was that the over throw? I am talking about traditional Rb , blockers out in front screen. I still remember the snow bowl game against the Raiders. I wanna say we came out the half and ran 3 of them in a row all for 1st downs . One thing about Charlie, if he found something that worked, he would stick with it.
    Posted by JayShizzle45

    Just watched the short version last night.  That was a lot of snow.  
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    Re: Is This Really True?, I need Proof

    Screens arn't effective when the other team has 9 guys in the box.

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    Re: Is This Really True?, I need Proof

    Posted by zbellino[/QUOTE]
    re:"It's been a problem since Moss started to stink!

    NE's offense is great, but it would be even better if they could get someone who can actually beat the press. That will move the safety back out, and teams OR teams will be forced to play three safeties so they can have two back, because they will still need one to cover Gronkowski. It would take the corners off the line. It would, in short, back the whole defense up. 

    When everyone can crowd the line of scrimmage the opponent has a much, much easier time disguising rushers and defending the run at the same time. 

    Screens can help against teams that blitz, but NE has to be perfect at passing and run blocking against teams that can send just four, and play press, and have good enough corners to play cover-one and line a safety right over Gronk. Screens can only lower their 'aggression' ... it won't alter their all around formation, and the book is playing one safety shallower and crowd the line of scrimmage. 

    Imagine how effective this team would be if the RBs and Welker and Hernandez had room to make some plays?

    Fixing that will take the emergence of Price, the improvement of Ocho, or a new player next season. In short, NE needs to develop a long passing game. Right now, they are the worst.

    Consider this! NE has ONE completion over 31 yards (through the air, RAC doesn't count) in 13 attempts. They aren't even trying to stretch the field, most likely because they don't have the players. 

    Coutning that one over 31, NE has just seven completions over 21 yards on the season! That is 7 out of 29 on patterns over 21 yards.  It's amazing enough that they only try a pass over 21 yards once or twice a game. Why the heck would the safeties line up any deeper than 15 yards? They don't have too!

    All said and done, I think this offense is certainly good enough to win a championship with. But if we are nitpicking and worried about getting people off the offense's scrote, then hitting (or at least trying) a few longer passes would probably back them up a touch, making it easier to run and to pass underneath. "

    ive made the exact analysis you have here and posted it in several threads discussing either the offense or our teams potential this year.

    the only part i did not say and disagree with is that our offense is good enough to win a championship this year. we will need a breakaway back threat (ie ridley) and a wr outside the #'s who can get down field in order for the offense to be elite. without that our defense will have to improve tremendously to win a championship imo.