Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    Hay Julius,  the play-offs are what really matter.  Let's worry about next year after we win 4 more games.  It's not crazy to think we can put a small winning streak together.  Brady, Moss and a decent line adds up to points on the board.  A few breaks on defence and a run could be had.  If you keep talking about the future you never enjoy the moment.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?


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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    troll spanker-I disagree.i am a die hard fan for many years,and many people will look at a season in diffrent ways.for me if my team dosent get to the is a waste of a season.every year teams sign free agents,have there drafts,and training camps ect.they do this with one goal in get to the why should i think of,or exspect anything less?if my team only makes it to the playoffs,and thats it,year after year and never makes it to the superbowl.why should i feel good about it?if my team never makes the playoffs year after year.why should i feel good about it,and except it?it dosent mean i dont root for my team,or stand behind them,but if teams have goals each year,why shouldnt fans have high expectations of there teams each year,and exspect great things from them?
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    As a colts fan who hates to see him rip the colts apart, I will say I hope not.  Pats are very fortunate to have a special player like him.  He does as much for Moss as Moss does for him and provides more to Brady. 

    When the colts had stokely, I thought he was the best thing since sliced bread, but then I saw Welker shred the league. 
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    Guys this is WELKER!! He'll be back.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    There is simply ABSOLUTELY NO WAY TO TELL. Everyone's body is different, and responds to trauma differently.

    We also have no idea of the severity of the injury, exactly what or where the damage is (other than something with his knee) and what methods they will use for the repair and or clean up.

    I mean it has been reported as an ACL, MCL. Is it a fact? What degree? Slight tear, complete tear, additional strains on the other ligament, any subsequent cartilage (meniscus) damage?

    If they have to graft new ones are they using part of his patella tendon, hamstring , a ligaments from a cadaver, or what ever the techniques are they use these days? They are always advancing but how they repair it will also impact how the individual will respond , heal, and return.

    Does anyone know if Tate's knee injury was the same knee he had the off-season surgery on? If it was then I would be more cautious with the time to return of Welker than they gave to Tate.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    Why does everyone think randy is done in a year lol. He lead recievers with TDS this year when TB is coming back from injury and we had 2 recievers all year and the 2nd on in WW missed 2 games. Some of you guys are a joke. We win 3 games, 3 game winning streak and were in the bowl game. Have some faith , do i think we have a legit shot no but its all about who plays well that sunday and who gets hot. We have 3 of the top tools in place, best Coach calling plays to the best QB throwing to the best reciever! Welker is only 27 or 28 he is young he will be back with mroe knowledge of the game and randy is only 32 he has 3 more top years. Once defenses start to back off him he will explode again.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?


    Maybe you should be a COLTS fan. Because here in New England, we don't settle for just the playoffs.

    Now, other than your delusional belief that this team is the same one from 2004 or even 2007, and your slightly less delusional belief that this team can beat a good team on the road (for four quarters), what have you seen that indicates that this team can win a SB this year? Seriously, what?

    And don't give me the 2007 NY Giants garbage. They had a ferocious defense and were fine once Eli started taking care of the ball.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    Is this thread a joke..?

    6-8 months and a small dose of HGH and he's back; get real.  We're still the best team in the league, fair weather fans and nancies jump off the bandwagon now...
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    It will be difficult for Wes to make it ALL the way back, because zig-zagging is ninety per cent of his game, and that requires a lot of strength in the knees.

    I remember one of the first games he played for us. Welker caught a pass from Brady, immediately after the snap. He took a step back, then forward, before taking off. It was the best footwork I've ever seen by a wide receiver, and I couldn't believe that he didn't get hurt then.
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    I have no idea what to expect of Welker, but I do know that this team owes him at least two years - 2010-2011 - to return to being at least a very good receiver.

    As for all those claiming Moss will be done within 24 mos., I disagree.  I see him playing into his late 30s and playing well, barring some catastrophic injury (knock on wood).  Age won't take away his height, his span, his stride. A slower Moss will still be able to destroy a lot of coverages. He isn't your typical player. 

    I wonder what next year would be like if we did get T.O.  Let's face it, he was not all that problematic in Dallas - the media scrutiny was the culprit - and he has been fine in Buffalo, suffering quietly with bad QBs.  Can you imagine Brady throwing to Moss - Eldeman/Welker - T.O.?  Throw in a new RB (I expect Maroney to stay, but Taylor to be held in reserve a' la Seau) who can run and stay healthy, plus add another versatile, qualilty rookie on the O-line (or two) and you have a scary O like 2007 all over again, but with a younger defense complimenting it.

    GO PATS!  Stuff those Ravens!
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    Re: Is this the End of Welker as We Know Him?

    OK heres my take, not a doc., but a physical therapist. I work with and help people recover from these injuries from time to time. And my aunt just suffered an MCL tear 2, not fun. And Ill attempt to answer the actual question. Alot of you took the easy way out and answered the q's you wanted to answer. Ok Ill be the bad guy. Is this the end of Welker..heres the key now..."AS WE KNOW HIM" Listen Im 28 and have been doing this almost 7 yrs, please take that in account. I feel Im very good at what I do, but Im not delusional either, I have alot to learn and am very eager to do so. Back to the q's, AS WE KNOW HIM, NO, NEVER, NOT A CHANCE. And heres a little unspoken fact inside the med/health community, nobody is ever the same. Yea, yea, elite player, he got heaaart, sorry dont want to hear it. And it does matter the tear 1-2-3-4, other strains, other damages, and so on, someone else brought that point up too. And this isnt a joe of the street, hes a supreb athlete. You might think that would help, sure the drive and will to succeed , the access and care to top of the line trainers and doc. Ok Ill buy that, but it also goes the other way too. We dont know his history, Im talking about his real medical history, not just injuries we've heard of. Im assuming he does have a atleast a grade 2 tear in both mcl and acl. And something I bet none if any of you know is that if he tore or stretched the ligament beyond its limits, it cant be repaired. Only reconstruction is the answer, and again not all.  If this is true it will take about 8 weeks to bend the knee at 130 degrees. Different theories about recovery, but expect about 6-9 months. Id say 9, you need to think about setbacks, infections. Ok back to the q's, will he ever be the same as we've become accustomed to seeing. Sorry Im saying no, and if there ever has been a rec/rb who suffered a severe acl/mcl and come back the same or better, please tell me. No there hasnt and wont be any time soon. Will he comeback, if no infections or other big setbacks, sure, no doubt, thats the easy q's. The same no way. I read something about Ronnie Brown, first off how long did it take him to comeback to what he is now. More than a year, and if he you saw him before the injury hes not the same. And he needs help carrying the load in MIA. Every other example I know of is the same, and Im a huge sports nut, cant think of anyone who came back to what he/she was. People do you know 90% of stability in the knee is due to the acl. And the worst thing to do while working out is sudden and aburpt moves and functions. Listen Im hoping for a miracle, but thats what it would take for him to be the same as he was. His whole game was based on quickness and suddeness. And toughness I should add. Hey Im hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, as this team will. And please anyone who wants to call me a "fair weather fan" , "bandwagon fan" whatever, couldnt be further from the truth. I live, breath, eat, shite, boston sports. Celt's , Pats, B's, Sox, college hockey, football, basketball. Some of the best times in my  life were going to the Bruins 88 and 90 playoffs. Oh man , U could smell pissAH n sausages from causeway st. I was a lil' kid and really nervous the garden was going to come down from the pounding it was taking. Good please save the bandwagon BS. And one more thing..about 81, this guy got 3 more yrs left of what he gave us this year, maybe even four. Again someone name me the list of about to be 33 yr old rec's who put up 1200 n 13 td's. Not even a list, maybe 3-5 if that. This guy is a freak, hence his nick-name, the super freak. GO PATS!!!