It Hurts - but we are going to be back

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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    I thought the fake punt was brilliant..If Chung did his job he had the whole right side open and wouldve easily had the 1st down and then some..What baffled me was all the wasted time on that 4th quarter drive with no result..The Pats showed no sense of urgency at all..The jets showed up to play and the pats made too many mistakes to win...Jets deserve the win...We'll be back next year and Ill be right here rooting my team on once again..This one hurts though..
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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    OH, and where the hell was Hernandez?? I though he shouldve had more plays..
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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    I agree. This team will be BACK.  I feel though the Pats need to UPgrade their roster with better talent.  I don't think they have Enough!  Now, I don't mean they don't have any - I just think they need more around what they have.  Upgrades in certain positions (ex OLB/DE)....we'll see how it goes.

    the Pats are now 0-3 in the last 3 playoff games/superbowl included. Time to load it up again.  Especially Defensively.

    Defense wins championships, offense wins games.
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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    When this team wound up going 14 - 2 this season, with the offense playing at a level exceedng expectations, the euphoria of these two things overshadowed the defense and its lack of big play makers.  As long as the offense was smoking the opposition, this dictated how the other team had to play.  In this game, NO takeaways!!  In the previous 8 games, takeaways occurred at critical times of a game to derail an opponent's offense that seemed to be driving for a score.  Let's think Colts game late in the 4th quarter, right?  Throughout this entire season, folks kept pointing to a team on the rise, rebuilding and we couldn't wait for the draft picks to come to bolster the team for another SB run.  We wound up believing this could be the season it would start.  Alas, one game too early.  I agree, the Pats will be back...  and we thought Brady had some fire this year in his eyes!!
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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    Seawolfxs, I agree with everything you wrote. A couple things I saw that may explain some of the decisions yesterday...

    1. Before the game they showed a shot of Brady deeply inhaling something  (ammonia caplets?) from a paper cup more than once, and then passing the cup to a teammate who did the same thing. That right there led me to think he was not healthy. He did not look right all game, did not have the same passion he had been displaying, and in the press conference after the game, he looked and sounded like a very sick person. BenJarvis Green-Ellis only had 9 carries (almost a 5 yard average), and after each time he ran the ball, they would show him go to the sideline and get wrapped in one of those big robes. I have to think if he was healthy, he would have got the ball many more times. Woodhead was getting pounded and not producing like Green-Ellis. I truely think the Patriots tried to 'shorten the game' rather than the Jets, because of their health.

    2. Alge Crumpler had a great game (chasing down the interception to prevent a touchdown, some great blocks and a few key catches), but the drop he had in the endzone when we got the first field goal hurt badly. If he caught that, and the score was 7-7 rather than 7-3, there probably would have been no fake punt, and they would have gone in at half time tied, rather than down 14-3.

    3. They young defense was not ready for prime time in this game. After the Pats cut the lead to 14-11, they allowed the Jets to go 75 yards and score in just 5 plays and 2 minutes. They will be better next year, the young guys have some  experience and know what is expected of them, and they have Leigh Bodden, Brandon McGowan and Ty Warren coming back. 

    Dissapointing way to end the season, but for a 'rebuilding year', it was a good ride. Very high hopes for the future with all of the young talent, and 7 draft picks in the first 4 rounds for Bill to play with!!

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    Re: It Hurts - but we are going to be back

    Poor Tom,
    First he has to hear Cromartie cursing him out.  Now the Patriot faithful are doing the same.  That's rough week....
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