It is not over

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    The only thing I want to say is that I LOVE your new avatar ! !
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    Sooooooo....I am sure that most of you are thinking that the Jets season ended last night with Tebow driving 95 yards for the winning TD against my beloved Jets.  I must admit that drive hurt almost as much as the Sanchize throwing another pick 6...  We are not out and we will not give up.  Our playoffs start against the Bills. You ladies have fun with your breathing room in the AFC East. Oh yeah, I hate you all... well, hate is a strong word...I dislike you all very much... on second thought, some of you I do like, so, I dislike some of you very much... meh, it is really only a couple of you that I cant stand so I dislike a couple of you very much and the rest of you, good luck until we meet again which will hopefully be in the playoffs.  PLAYOFFS!#$%?!  Yeah, thats right the playoffs!!!!
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    Re: It is not over

    It's not over for the Jets, but only because there are a lot of mediocre teams in the AFC that have not seized the day (example: San Diego). One wild card will go to Pitt/Baltimore non division winner, but the other wild card may well come down to the wire with a lot of teams not seizing the day. I think 10 wins will be enough for the wild card, even for the Jets despite their tiebreak issues. The Jets could easily win 5 of 6, their schedule from here on out is not that tough. 

    Having said that, what the Jets are going to learn is that you can't always back your way in with the help of others, too many lucky dominos have to fall. I don't see the Jets getting in again because at some point that type of luck runs out and you pay the price for your lack of mental toughness. 
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    Re: It is not over

                        (Optimistic) Projection 
    12  Buf---W

    The reality is, the 1st 2 projected wins are toss-ups. (Buffalo's ship has sailed, yet again) Wash is in a tougher div. Pha is no push over, despite the disappointing season. On the flip side, Miami has risen from the ashes. If the Giants have their usual late season collapse, they might eek out a win there, but I doubt it. They are way below average on offense and no longer dominating on defense, thanks to a few major weaknesses.

    Conclusion : It's Over