The Patriots filled their defense with cheaply-priced losers from places like Cleveland and Detroit this year, combined them with newer/younger players that don't know any better and their playing right in their comfort zone, like losers. They might be close at the end of the game, but they've never known what it takes go out of one's mind to finish and win the game. They'd prefer to let the receiver catch the ball, and then give him a big hug and ask nicely if he'll sit down. Then when another game gets away and they've lost, they say "aw shucks. Time to move on to next week." It's what they've always known and it's always been depressingly acceptable. 

Our former veterans that knew how to close games, make 4th down stands with the game on the line, they're all gone. They got rid of Seymore and Vrabel, and Bruschi and Harrison quit. There is NO LEADERSHIP on the defense anymore, and don't even think about mentioning Mayo! Is he the type of guy who'll round the defense up, and chew them a new you-know-what on the sideline? Nope. You think maybe Vince Wilfork is that guy? Has he ever been? Nope. 

This defense has no leadership, no heart, no passion, no fire, no purpose and no sense of destiny. They're an "aw shucks" defense with no one left to show them how to get it done. It's impossible to think anything will change before the end of the season. They've brought loser attitudes from places like Cleveland and Detroit and they've infected the entire defensive side of the ball. 

It's not Tom Brady's job to fire up the defense. He's got the offense to worry about. And the offense, to me, becomes compromised when the defense consistently gets MARCHED ON the way they've been. They try and do too much. The offense had their chances yesterday, but in the end they're trying to do too much. Yes, they could have had more, but they built an 11-point lead for the defense in the second half and of course it once again was not nearly enough.

The belief that this team has 'something' for every team is gone. Belief is gone. If they have a good game at this point it will be flukey. If they get into the playoffs they will be lucky. If they win one game in the playoffs it will be flukey, and probably entirely on the arm of Tom. 

Unfortunately, we're the losers of 15 years ago again and if next season turns out like this one, where were not that bad but certainly not that good, I predict that this whole team, Tom Brady, Belichick, Randy Moss, will likely get "blown up." Maybe they'd keep Belichick and/or Tom, maybe, but they will make a hard right into a new direction ... and the glory we've enjoyed since 2001 will then surely be all gone, and we'll be left wondering when the stars will align again. 


ahhh that felt good. :)