its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    And for your claims that the Jets are 10 million under the cap:

    "In the AFC East, Clayton's figures show that the Jets are $1.2 million over the cap, the Dolphins are $13.6 million under, and the Bills are $35.9 million under."
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    No, you keep ignoring the talent that is leaving. Yes, they can go out and sign players to replace the big names. However, do you really expect all of these other players they will bring in to perform at the same level as the guys that are leaving?

    The fact is that the Jets this year aren't going to be as talented as they were last year. I guarantee it. There is no way they keep all of that TALENT. Sure, you can replace them with bums off the street for chump change, but what good is that going to do? If one of those starters gets hurt then a glaring weakness just opened up.

    You are taking my comment about Sanchez and that five yard pass completely out of context. It's a little hard to compare Brady and Sanchez as dink and dunkers when Sanchez has all star deep threat receivers and brady has a bunch of slot receivers. Remember when Brady had a fresh deep threat? Yeah, I remember him throwing something along the lines of, oh, 50 TDs? Sanchez has yet to break 20 with Holmes and Edwards; if Cotchery is really as good as you say he is then shouldn't Sanchez have broken 20 TDs last season?

    I think you are underestimating how hard it can be to create a team with adequate depth and staying under the cap. Go ahead, throw all your money at those three and don't sign any of the other 10+ positions the Jets need to fill. Oh, have you forgotten that teams are now required to spend a certain amount now? Yeah, do you really think the Jets are going to be able to compete with other teams that will be able to shell out millions of dollars while the Jets are begging for hometown discounts?

    Either way you look at it the Jets will not be as talented as last year. Go ahead and call me a homer, but you may be even more blind than me if you don't realize that the Jets have a situation. They will lose depth and talent. That isn't a good combination.
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    In Response to Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts:
    In Response to Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts : The deepest drafts of defensive lineman in a decade, the Jets take two on what is already a great line, the Pats take none for an awful line and you're worried about Pouha instead of Wilfork?  Hilarious.  You just can't make this stuff up. 
    Posted by McCheaters

    Warren and Wright will be returning which is a huge help. Cunningham is going to be more experienced and should be even better this year as a pass rusher.  Brace and Pryor will be stronger and better than they have been and G. Warren played very well until fatigue hit him. You seem to forget how young the Patriots defense is. They can only improve from here on out.

    Oh yeah, and we do have cap space to sign someone.

    You are relying on rookies to excel for you when you now have little depth on that line. Gholston anyone? What if those guys are busts? What if one gets deported? What if Ellis doesn't re-sign? Jenkins is now gone... You just can't make this stuff up
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    Again, you are stuck on that playoff game last year. That was not the superbowl, believe it or not. The Jets beat the Pats, good for you.

    However, last years Jets WILL NOT be this years Jets. You can ignore the inevitable as much as you like, but eventually you are going to need to realize that the 2011 Jets will be less talented than the 2010 Jets.


    Is it that hard to understand? That Pats have the same team, but will be more healthy and experienced while the Jets will lose some big names. It's a guarantee. If the Jets retain all of their talent this offseason then props to you and a hell of a job by Tanny. However, that is not going to happen. Go ahead and call the Pats clowns, but they are winning the division while building a strong foundation for the future. Your Jets are built to win now and haven't won anything.

    If Cromartie leaves then you have Kyle Wilson playing opposite Revis. I don't know how you can feel confident there. You keep ignoring this and instead choose to make personal attacks on posters. Ignoring the majority of people's areguments might make you feel big and bad while you attempt to be a bully over the internet, but in reality it highlights the weaknesses throughout your own agruments.
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    Apparently, god I can't wait until this thing is figured out and free agency begins. There is no way the Jets keep the majority those guys with the new salary floor, especially when they have gone out to say that they aren't giving a hometown discount.
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    Way to once again ignore everything we are discussing and focus on one game last year. Is that your only argument? The Jets beat the Patriots last year? Not that the Jets won the superbowl, or even made it to the superbowl, but that the Jets beat the Pats. Contrary to popular believe among Jets fans, but that was not the superbowl. Go ahead and read what I wrote over again so maybe, just maybe you can understand that the Jets team you will be watching this year WILL NOT be the same Jets team you saw last year.

    The only thing either team won last year was a division title and that went through New England.
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    In Response to Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts:
    The notion that Pioli's Drafts were strong and BB's are weak is also absurd. Lets name them; BB's 1) Bultler (nickel back) Bodden injury is shedding bad light on this kid he is a great third starter 2) Brace (Starter) Looked great to me in the pre season 2 sacks a forced fumble 12 tackle in two games.... Give me a break 3) Vollmer; Beast 4) Pryor; Value found in the 6th round 5) Ornhburger; Practice squad guy but he is developing, great pulling guard no so great in pass protection; signing a RB next year and changing our run:pass ratio may make him more valuable than you think 6) Edleman; Beast 7) Tate; Beast - i would give him mosses slot next year and spend that 10 million on the defense; go back to what made us the best; we have plenty of weapons for Brady ESPECIALLY if Ingram is Drafted! 8) Chung; Beast 9) Spikes; Beast 10) McCourty; Beast 11) Gronkowski; Beast 12) Hernandez; Beast x 2 13) Deaderick; quality 7th rounder on the depth chart 14) Larson; another quality pick on the depth chart 15) Cunningham; Promissing From 2002 to 2006 we absolutlely BLEW it but that was Pioli. If you want to call out someone on the drafts go post on KC's board
    Posted by tagandtrade

    How in the world is the Bodden injury making Butler look bad? You have to joking right? The kid just hasnt been a good player , period. Stop making excuses for him.

    You might be the only one who think Brace looked good at any point. The guy gets pushed around so much out there. And that draft will always stick out in my mind for who we DIDNT get. We ended up taking Chung , Butler , Brace , when we could have had two dom. starters for years to come.

    Seabass looked very good his rookie year but i still need to see more from him. Another thing stop calling guys "beast" when their clearly not. If you not a top 5-10 guy at your position , your not a beast.

    Great value for Pryor and Seabass for that matter. I like Pryor and expect him to get better and turn into a very good player.

    Ornhburger needs a lot of work and frankly i havent seen enough from him to make a clear cut decision either way.

    Again you need to stop it with these "beast" LOL Edleman and Tate are NOT beast , not even close , miles away from being such. Tate doesnt even look like a WR , he has "return man" written all over him. The way he runs , cuts , getting in/out of his breaks , the guy doesnt look like a WR right now. Wow your really going overboard with this , seriously Tate , Chung , Edleman are NOT beast. Thats not opinion its fact. There not even the best at their position on their own team. Theres really no need to go on here , there was absolutely nothing quality Deaderick last year. He looked like Brace in his rookie year. They both looked slow , weak , soft and not in condition to play.

    Spikes , DMC , Gronk and Hernandez are all on their way to becoming great players , i myself was hoping we would go after Spikes and couldnt be more happy with what we have. The guy has great instincts , can already diagnosis plays and is always around the ball. Obviously his pass coverage skills arnt up to par yet , hell work on that and get better. Him and Mayo play off each other really well and could be two of the best that ever do it if they keep working hard. I expect big things from our D this year and these two are big reasons why. If we can get some positive play from our guys playing the 5 tech. we good be very good. Despite the numbers we put up last year i think it still needs some work. Id like to see a bigger comittment to the run , teams just dont respect us enough in that department imo. We have the guys , with BJGE being the main guy. And enough talk about if we need another WR , we absolutely do need another WR. We dont have one guy on our roster that can really stretch the D ... at all. What the jets did to us last year was pathetic and should never happen to us again.
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    Re: its not coaching.....its the weak drafts

    I have to agree with you on Butler.  He's a bust.  That's the reason for the Ras-I pick. 

    I don't know if I have any bones to pick with you or not because the term "beast" gets thrown around so easy here.  If everyone is a beast the Pats would be winning SBs.  Clearly, they are not.

    Brace had a better season last year.  He didn't get pushed around near as much as his rookie season.  I thought he showed a lot of promise until he got hurt.  Deadrick is also a nice late find.  He held his own.  Calling these guys soft and weak makes me wonder what game you were watching.  Brace's rookie though was very pathetic.

    Vollmer is very good.  I don't know what you need to see.

    Chung is going to be very good.  A lot of the problem here is he's had to stay in coverage.  With Bodden coming back and Ras-I in the nickel Chung will be more involved in blitz schemes.  It helps to have Warren back too.

    Tate was a disapointment last year.  But he was out for two years.  Now he didn't seem to lose anything as a kick returner where as he lost it as a WR.  Maybe a KR is all he'll ever be.

    I as well am looking forward to seeing the defense this year.  One year older and a bit more experienced.  It should be damned hard to run against the Pats.
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