Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

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    Re: Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

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    You would think the 22nd pick and a mid second. But for someone like Haden, Spiller, Morgan or maybe Dez would you offer a second and sixth this year as well as Oaklands first next year for their pick. It seems like Oaklands pick next year should be off limits but if you can use it to move up for an IMPACT PLAYER this year and still keep pick 22 than it could make sense. Lets say we pick up Haden at 10 and either Hughes, Graham or Kindle at 22 our D will look pretty damn good. Plus with 2 seconds we could still add Sapp and an ol. I know it is just us killing time but some of this seems logical.
    Posted by looneyman
    Get a clue the Patriots are not trading the oakland pick in 2011 BB could have had the 8th pick in this years had he any desire to pick that low in this draft. I see BB trading down and then out in the first round.
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    Re: Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

    I'm not sure why Jacksonville would take C.J. Spiller when Maurice Jones-Drew has a very similar, but more complete skillset - they wouldn't complement each other.

    I'd just as soon trade down in a deep draft and get more picks than trade up and increase the risk that you put all all your eggs in the wrong basket.
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    Re: Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

    This is nothing new , something Ive been saying and hoping for. Actually everyone has been saying Jacksonville is looking to move out , they cant afford the pick first off and they have so many needs that it would make sense to trade down. And I dont think we need to trade Oak's either , No way Id do that anyway. Its just not worth it , we're talking about a definate top ten , maybe top five pick. Oakland is no better and probably worse if Russell plays a full 16 which I think he will. They have to give him one more chance and you tell him , " you have 5-6 games to prove yourself , if not your out ". If he's your starter then he's your starter , you live or die w/ him. I think we could trade up w/ our 22nd , 44th , and 119th(4th rd). The number 10 pick is worth 1300 pts , our first rd pick is worth 780 , the 44th is worth 460 and the 119th pick is worth 56 pts. If they really want out I can see them going for it , especially when 2nd rounders this year are covited so much. And I heard someone say that there isnt a player worth it , that we dont need anyone that much. Id strongly disagree , we need alot of help in the form of some real studs. Id go for McClain , Haden , Thomas , I really think theres a decent chance Berry could fall to the tenth pick. You could have 2 QB's , 3 DT's , 3 , maybe 4 OT's taken in the top ten this year.
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    Re: Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

    At the rate Jacksonville is drawing fans they will be playing in LA or LV after next season. I wouldn't trade the Oakland pick in next years draft for anything. There will be 10 players worth drafting and rest assured the Raiders pick will be a top 10 pick in 2011. I would trade the Patriots pick in 2011 but only if I'm getting an NFL star already made. I'd really love to see BB dump out of the first round if Pouncey or a player that would make a huge difference isn't available at #22,I'd actually like to see him use the same method he used last year and trade down first and then out garnering at least another 2nd and 2 thirds and a couple of 5ths,or in other words 5 picks for 2. I know my dream won't come true,but all I have is hope...
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    Re: Jacksonville Looking to Trade Down

    IF they moved up to #10, then it HAS to be McClain, no doubt about it.  I know we have Mayo - but these guys together would be great.

    Some notes though:
    • BB wouldn't pay 2 ILBs the $$ - he spreads it around.  
    • Couldn't see BB moving up for anyone, just not worth it, IMHO.  Other than Suh.
    • I could see Spikes in round 2 (53) to shock everyone.  Poor man's McClain. Rich man's Ted Johnson/Roman Phifer.  Interior run defense is/was BAD. Still, better value later with guys like Chaney, Dillard.
    • I see trading down from 43 to JAX for their 3rd rounder, 5th rounder and next year's 3rd rounder.  JAX wants/needs Tebow.
    • I could also see them trading out of #22 if they get a high 2nd AND high 3rd and a 2011 2nd or 3rd.  Someone may fall in love with a guy at #22, much like BALT did with Kyle Boller.
    If Kindle is there at 22, he's the guy.  I think he will be gone, though...

    high RD2 - WR Tate/Thomas
    47 - DE Wooton/Carrington
    53 - OLB Misi/Sapp
    high RD3 - RB Hardesty/Gerhart
    JAX 3 - TE McCoy/Graham
    RD4 - WR Shipley/Gilyard or CB Verner/Lindley
    JAX 5 - OLB Willie Young or OG Zane Beadles

    our #6 goes to Seattle for Branch (Still have a #6, compensation pick)
    our #7 goes to ?? for another TE (Still have 4 more #7's, compensation picks, for all those FA's that BB loves to have on our roster - or another Edelman.  Remember Troy Brown was an 8th rounder.)