.Jacksonville serious interest in Tebow

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    .Jacksonville serious interest in Tebow

    50/50 on people thinking he is going to Miami

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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    Sounds about right, short term gain in fan loyalty with horrible results. IMO he's already peaked.

    Maybe he could have an announcement show with Gloria Estafan and Pitbull?

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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    Miami should do it just for the tix sales/merchandise alone. This once die hard football town is just plain depressing for the last few years.

    I almost feel bad walking around in my Patriot gear....almost.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    In Response to Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?:
    Jacksonville is more likely, they are 45 minutes from Gainsville, miami is like 4-5 hours away, I don't think Henne would keep Tebow from going there.
    Posted by rameakap

    Agree, Jax is a better fit, that part of the state is more Tebow country.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    According to one of the talking heads it would be more likely he is traded to NE than any other scenario. Josh and BB's love4 this kid is immeasurable! Maybe they send Ocho to Manning and the Broncos in exchange for Tebow.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    The poll should have a category for "will he be traded to NE?" because that's what I think will happen.

    There's the BB connection. Brady loved him. McDaniels drafted him. If the asking price isn't too steep then I think he becomes a TE/HB hybrid for us.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    I almost feel bad for Miami.....ALMOST.  Plopping Tebow on the 'Phins would put them right back in the pit they were in before when they started breaking out the Wildcat a few years back.  They really can't seem to find any kind of legit option at QB....it's pretty amusing.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    In Response to Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?:
    In Response to Will Tebow be traded to Miami? :      It could happen. But, the Dolphins would be crazy to give up much to do it.      In the short run, he'll put fannies in the seats. But, in the long run, do they have a chance at surpassing the Patriots with him as their QB? The Pats buries the Tebowites in Denver twice last year.      Miami should bite the bullet, pass on Tebow, and go with Matt Moore. He's a good, or better option.  
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Call me a nutjob if you like, but I actually like Moore.
    He's one of a few (well no one actually) QB's who had the sacks big enough to throw against Revis quite a few times and actually beat him.
    They also improved greatly with him over the second half of the season.
    They could do worse.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    I hope so. Miami, the Jets, anyone but the Patriots would be fine by me.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    Tebow to Jax. The new owner wants to excite the area. He wants fans in the seats. No one wants to go to profootball in miami. Too much other fun things to do there. Night games are different. If Jax wants to survive they need to do something. Gabbert hasn't really show much. I'd offer up a 3rd rounder for him if I was Jax. Elway needs to move Tebow asap before the Manning excitement wears off. People love Tebow for his faith, trading him could turn some of the fan base on Elway. The sooner he gets rid of Tebow the sooner he can create his empire his own way.

    No way Tebow to NE unless its for a 3rd or 4th.
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    I just read Miami signed Garrard to a 1 year deal on ESPN.

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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    Good chance that Smith re-signs with 49ers....Where does Tebow go?  Please not to the Patriots!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Will Tebow be traded to Miami?

    Ten off-radar potential destinations for Tebow

    129027979_crop_650x440Getty Images

    For weeks, I’ve been pushing the Tebow-to-Jacksonville or Tebow-to-Miami theory if/when Peyton Manning picks the Dolphins.  Not long after that the “if” has become a “when,” I reiterated that idea, throwing out the Patriots as an option that at first blush looked like a ridiculous proposition but given the presence of former Broncos coach Josh McDaniels and head coach Bill Belichick (close friend of Tebow’s former Florida coach, Urban Meyer) and in light of Belichick’s penchant for outside-the-box thinking, it makes plenty of sense to make Tebow into something other than a quarterback.

    But are there other not-so-obvious destinations?  Teams that shouldn’t be interested but, when considering all factors, maybe should be.

    It’s a given that any team that acquires Tebow, whether he’s traded or, quite possibly, cut would face a significant decision:  (1) install Tebow as the starting quarterback and design an offense that suits his strengths and minimizes his weaknesses; (2) make him a backup, part-time quarterback (which would require one playbook for Tebow and one for the “real” quarterback); or (3) move him to a new position.  On the other side of the coin, Tebow will generate significant interest, not just in football circles but in the mainstream media.  Ultra-casual fans who watch only the Super Bowl will start following Tebow’s new team.  It will be an opportunity to craft a truly national brand.

    So taking those important business realities into account, let’s consider the teams that should at least have the conversation regarding whether there’s a way to bring Tebowmania to town without unnecessarily undermining football interests — and notwithstanding Brian Billick’s warning about the Broncos’ effort to move Tebow:  ”If they don’t want him, why should I?

    1.  The Rams.  

    They volunteered to play in England in part because they believe that it will make them like the Cowboys and Steelers.  It won’t.

    Tebow could.

    Throw in the ongoing struggles to sell tickets (sellouts undoubtedly come from owner Stan Kroenke buying up the unsold seats at 34 cents on the dollar) and a possible move to Los Angeles, and Tebow makes plenty of sense wearing horns from a creature other than, you know, the devil.

    2.  The Vikings.

    Speaking of horns, Tebow could help maximize local interest during what could be a lame-duck season in Minnesota.  The Vikings are getting no closer to getting a new stadium built.  Tebowmania could be the thing that gets it done.

    3.  The Bengals.

    Wanna sell those empty seats at Paul Brown Stadium?  Put Tebow in orange and black.

    He’s relatively inexpensive, and he’d help owner Mike Brown shed, to some extent, the perception that he isn’t interested in doing something bold.

    4.  The Saints.

    What better way to push the Bountygate mess off the front page than to give coach Sean Payton a unique weapon?

    Once, of course, Payton’s likely suspension ends.

    5.  The Eagles.

    If coach Andy Reid can’t turn Tebow into a traditional passer, no one can.

    Given what Reid did with Mike Vick, the Eagles may make the most sense of any team.

    6.  The Cowboys.

    America’s Team can’t be America’s Team without the most popular NFL player in America.

    They’d have more than 100,000 for every home game — assuming they can get enough seats installed in time.

    7.  The Steelers.

    Offensive coordinator Todd Haley would surely love nothing more than to be the guy who finds a way to get the most out of Tebow.

    Especially since his nemesis Josh McDaniels got fired before he could really try.

    8.  The Colts.

    Concerned that fans won’t show up to watch a crappy team?  Add Tebow.  They’ll be there.

    9.  The Buccaneers.

    The Bucs bought several big-name (and big-money) free agents in order to fill up a half-empty stadium.

    For a lot less money, they could sell the place out every week by adding Tebow.

    10.  The Chiefs.

    Spurned by Peyton Manning an developing a penchant for taking quality players cast aside by division rivals, why not give Tebow the chance to return to Denver once per year?

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    .Jacksonville serious interest in Tebow

    Report: Jaguars have “serious interest” in Tebow

    TebowGetty Images

    The prodigal son may indeed be returning home.

    Jacksonville native Tim Tebow, soon to be shipped out of Denver, supposedly says he wants to play in Florida.  And one of the teams in Florida reportedly is very interested in making that happen.

    Michael Lombardi of NFL Network reports that the Jaguars have “serious interest” in trading for Tebow.

    Given that G.M. Gene Smith is widely believed to be a non-believer in Tebow, it’s safe to say that the interest comes from, well, on high.  New owner Shad Khan has said he would have drafted Tim Tebow in 2010.  Now, Khan has a chance to put his money where his mouth is.

    And in turn to make a whole lot of money.

    If the deal goes down, there will be plenty of awkwardness in the locker room.  Last week, Smith gaveChad Henne a $3 million signing bonus to serve asBlaine Gabbert’s backup.  Two years ago (almost to the day) Henne made waves by proclaiming that Tebow “isn’t an NFL quarterback.”

    An ownership-driven decision to force Tebow onto the roster also could drive a wedge between Smith and Khan.  Already, we’ve caught wind of rumors that the two men aren’t clicking the way they should — and there’s talk in league circles that Smith may not be around after the draft concludes.

    If Tebow time comes to Jacksonville, Smith may not want to be.