James White - RB Wisconsin

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    James White - RB Wisconsin

    As theorized, BB would go RB and he got what appears to be an all purpose back with upside and who doesn't have a lot of miles on him.




    With Ridley, Vereen and even Bolden as possibilities to move on, an RB was a need.  


    Expected high IQ and understanding of blocking probably a priority:


    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCyp0eqNmU0" rel="nofollow">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nCyp0eqNmU0


    After watching that, lots of big holes by very large German descendant white OL (LMAO), but he hits that hole and sees it very quickly with really using one cut. Looks ideal for the zone blocking schemes BB likes.

    When he has to make a move, he sets it up well in advance.  Looks like a pretty good talent.

    Reminds me of Vereen.  Doesn't address power back role, however.  Draft shaping up nicely for BB so far.  All of these players can compete for important roles immediately.

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    Re: James White - RB Wisconsin

    I live on the Wisconsin border, my wife is an alum, I watch a lot of Badger football. This guy is solid. I like the pick a lot.

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    Re: James White - RB Wisconsin

    As more time passes I'm starting to like this pick more and more.



    "I don’t know. I think Tom is probably the best leader I’ve ever been around so I wouldn’t be too critical of him. " - BB

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    Re: James White - RB Wisconsin

    Seems like he gets the most out of what he has but he does not have Vereens speed or Ridleys power. I think he will be a sound player would can do multiple things but will never be the go to guy. He MIGHT be another Kevin Faulk. That would be very nice. But not a player you build a scheme around.

    So my point is he could be one of those players that makes this team a winner but not the sort of game changer most fans clammer for.