Jared Allen will be traded.

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    Re: Jared Allen will be traded.

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    he cant take a pay cut. he can sign a new contract with the balance of this years money changed to a signing bonus, easing the cap hit into future years, but would you want to sign him for 3-4 years at big money? I mean he made $17M dollars this year. even signing a new contract for 4/$24 with $15 guaranteed is too much for him imo 



    Can the acquiring team not reduce his salary this year if he agrees to it?  It isn't guaranteed.  I won't pretend to be an expert on this particular scenario.

    The thing is he'd have to agree to the rework, which why would he? If the Viks just dump him he gets the full amount or if the trade who trades for him dumps him he gets the full amount. They could extend him and convert part of the base into bonus to spread across the length of the extension but then you have to sign him to an extension on his terms and have no leverage. It would be hard to do.