Jarius Byrd

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    Jarius Byrd

    Looks like Bills might be open to trading Byrd. Do you think we can swing something? I know we have few players we need to lock up long-term next year (Talib, Edelman...)



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    Re: Jarius Byrd

    If we can buy low then sure. He's a great player when healthy. And I stress when healthy.



    "I don’t know. I think Tom is probably the best leader I’ve ever been around so I wouldn’t be too critical of him. " - BB

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    Re: Jarius Byrd

    I doubt the Bills will deal their 'blue chip' guy to us for nothing. it probably will take alot, which is too much for BB as just a one year rent. There's no way BB would pay this guy what he'd want


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    Re: Jarius Byrd

    inter-division trades rarely happen for a reason. You know you will play that team minimum 2x every year.