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Jarrod Page

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    Re: Jarrod Page

     I was at the home opener against Cincy and very much enjoyed watching Page make some devasting hits on Special Teams. It's only a matter of time before he is playing next to Chung in the defensive backfield. Can or has Merriweather played CB ? Butler looks lost.
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    Re: Jarrod Page

    chung and page are both "strong" safety's, sanders and Merriweather are free safety's.  I wouldn't put chung and page on the field at the same time unless you are going with with a big look with 3 safety's.
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    Re: Jarrod Page

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    Re: Jarrod Page

    In Response to Jarrod Page:
    I have come to the realization that Brandon Meriweather, regardless of his immense talent, is not gonna be the answer at safety this year. He was benched in the 1st 2 games by his account by trying new things in practice that didnt work, and after the coaches scolded him, he continued to do him until he got benched, and listening to him onn weei, he didnt sound too amped to get his job back, he kind of sounded content, and the humor he found in it, didnt sit too well with me.   I knew Chung was going to be a better player just by his maturity level and being a 16 y/o true freshman at Oregon....but my point is, Meriweather has a long way to go to mature,and Rodney on comcast reminded me that it dont matter how much talent you have if you are not where you supposed to be in a B.B. defense it will look horrid, and you have to have trust and love for your teamates....To me, Meri is atleast a couple more years away from being mature enough to lead this team...I say lead, cuz the staple of all our winnnig years have been great intelligent safety play back to Milloy days...(Wow, cant beleive he is still playing)   I think Chung is closer, but he is still young...the SB teams we had, pretty much had all players either in their prime or just a little past Its not like these guys were 4 year players, most were atleast 8 to 10 year vets..Bru, Rodny, Willie, etc   Sooooo, this all bring me to conclusion that unless our offense really figures it out and can score at an amazing clip, this defense is still far away, and I dont think thats due to inferior players, but these guys we had b4 had seen it all....I watched Rodney crack heads in S.D for years and be a one man wrecking crew, compare that to Brandon Wiffyweather, and its miles we must be very patient with this defense....But there is hope in the form of an under the radar trade for Page, he has the size of a Harrison, and B.B. recently raved about his intelligence(could be smoke)  but I watched him play in K.C. and believe he could atleast help in 2 areas, namely run support ala MCGowan last year, and Leadership and experience....In about 2 weeks or so, likely after the bye week, im gonna say Page is in, Sanders n Brandon are out...or some sort of rotation....He might be the only hope at this point...The intimidation factor alone does wonders...I remember the different attitude we had the minute Rondey stepped on the field, and Im hoping we get that back this year w/ Page....
    Posted by patsfan76

    Patsfan I am going to agree with you here on some issues......I think Brandon was thrust into the mainframe of fame way too early, and instead of having time to figure out who and what he can do, he had all this weight and then Media coverage on him early.
    Belichick is a chess player of sorts and sometimes too much thinking and planning can kill you, yes train these kids but also let them play. Some people will be overwhelmed by too much information and it makes them secondguess their natural instincts....... could this be whats going on? maybe, maybe not.
    Mentally he may already be burnt out and is just saying , Hey, you know what, replace me if you dont like it.  Let them play Bill
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    Re: Jarrod Page

    Personally I really like Jarrod Page. I think he plays with a physical style akin to Chung and Rodney. He has several interceptions to his credit as well, so it sounds like he might be decent in coverage. 

    I concur with your analysis of Meriweather. Another 1st rounder that is not living up to his billing. He has talent, perhaps as you suggest it is a maturity thing. If he is not right mentality, then I'd almost rather have Sanders on the field. At this point, if Page comes along in the system, Meriweather as a nickel back, with some periodic work at safety looks best. Again, our secondary could be very good. Need time for players to mature and find the right mix. But, i think Page could be an important piece to this overall secondary mid-half and later of this year.

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    Re: Jarrod Page

    I also agree on many of your points. I believe that Merriweather is having a tough time reading and adjusting to the offense as the play is developing.  I think we are expecting him to fill the role of Rodney Harrison.  Having Page on board, will help.  He is a great talent that just needs more time and help!  By the way, a pass rush of some kind would also help! That is the true problem.

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    Re: Jarrod Page

    I like Page dont get me wrong, but he was cut by the lowly Chiefs.

    Also he is the big downhill runstuffing safety like we already have in Chung and Sanders.Our secodary's problem is coverage not big hits or run stopping and a 225lb safety are generally not the best in coverage, Merriweather will eventualy get his act together and hopefully the young guys on the corners get it together as well