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Jarvis Green visiting Denver

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    Jarvis Green visiting Denver

    Jarvis Green visiting Denver

    Career Patriot Jarvis Green is headed to Denver for a free agent visit, which doesn't bode well for New England's chances of keeping him.

    Multiple Boston outlets are reporting the move.  Since free agency opened, the rotational defensive end has seemingly been pursued strongest by the Patriots and Broncos.  Something got him to jump on a plane to Denver.

    Green has been a solid piece to New England's defense for years and turns 31 this season.  Denver has already invested on the defensive line with former Raven Justin Bannan.  They also met with Dwan Edwards.
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    Re: Jarvis Green visiting Denver

    I thought I read last week somewhere locally that Green was not a priority for the Pats, that they were fine with letting him walk and it was expected that he would not return.  Not sure why, but I know I read that last week.