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Jason Taylor back to Miami

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    Jason Taylor back to Miami

    He still hasn't signed with the Jets...

    ... despite heavy recruitment by the latter.

    This led me to this theory:
    (1) Jason Taylor goes to division rivals strictly to increase his leverage with Miami
    (2) Normally, a team wouldn't take his feigns seriously
    (3) With the threat of having Taylor within the division, Miami takes Taylor's "interest" in signing elsewhere more seriously than they should
    (4) Interest is also deemed to be more serious than it is because of Taylor's "desire to play for a contender"
    (5) Other teams in the division play along and also show interest in Taylor to drive up the price Miami has to pay to keep him, hence Belichick and Rex Ryan both complimenting and "recruiting" Taylor.

    I think the Jets' interest might be somewhat real because they need positive influences in that locker room after all of the low-character acquisitions they've made, but I still believe that both Taylor and his suitors know that he just wants to return to Miami (again).
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    Re: Jason Taylor back to Miami

    I read that story and it sisn't say he was going to said that Miami wants him to wait until ater the draft and the jets want him to sign now.....