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Jets A House Divided

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    Jets A House Divided

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New York Jets issued a statement 90 minutes before Sunday's kickoff against the New England Patriots, disputing a published report that claims the team's top three wide receivers have complained to coach Rex Ryan about offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

    "The New York Jets deny a report this morning that wide receivers Plaxico Burress, Santonio Holmes and Derrick Mason have gone to head coach Rex Ryan individually in the past few weeks to question offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer's system," the statement said.

    The story was reported by the New York Daily News, which made it the back page with the headline, "Mutiny!"

    The Jets' disappointing offense has come under fire in recent weeks. Holmes and Mason have publicly questioned Schottenheimer and the offense. After a 34-24 loss to the Oakland Raiders two weeks ago, Holmes -- without naming Schottenheimer -- said the offense failed to make timely adjustments in the game.

    Holmes spoke out again after last Sunday's 34-17 loss to the Baltimore Ravens, calling out the offensive line and quarterback Mark Sanchez. Holmes told reporters that the problem on offense "starts up front with the big guys," adding that Sanchez "has to do a better job of making reads and getting the ball where he needs to, so his playmakers can make plays."

    That apparently irked Sanchez, who called the offense together the day after the game and addressed the matter.

    "Our player policy is to keep things in-house," Sanchez said Wednesday. "That kind of stuff won't happen again," said the Jets' quarterback, adding, "We talked about it. ... Within our locker room, we talk about stuff like that. That's as far as I'm going to go with that."

    Mason also made critical comments, saying after the Baltimore game that there were "cracks" in the offense.

    "There's some cracks. And don't nobody really want to identify the cracks," Mason told reporters. "Until we identify the cracks, we're going to keep having the same problems. Whenever somebody wants to seal up the cracks, then we'll continue to move forward as an offense."

    Speaking to reporters Wednesday, Schottenheimer took responsibility for last week's lousy performance against the Ravens.

    "We were really just kind of struggling, calling bad plays and not executing as clean as we need to do," Schottenheimer said.

    Rich Cimini covers the Jets for

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    Re: Jets A House Divided

    It all starts with Rex.....a loud mouth coach who has little or no contol of himself, cant control his players or coaching staff. 
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    Re: Jets A House Divided

    He is not the type of coach that can keep a team togather with his attitude. He is not a calming influence as he is always rah rah rah like cheer leader. He will say the wrong thing soon and dig a biffer hole.

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    Re: Jets A House Divided

    Ryan: Pats 'are the better team right now

    FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Rex Ryan, who has been known to stir the pot with an inflammatory quote or two, was politically correct in his postgame comments after his Jets had been humbled by the New England Patriots, 30-21, Sunday at Gillette Stadium. 

    Ryan had nothing but praise for the Patriots, who avenged to some degree the Jets’ dominant 28-21 playoff victory at Gillette last January. 

    Of course, when you have lost three games in a row and fallen to 2-3, that’s probably the best way to go. 

    “Well, obviously they are the better team right now. The score obviously indicated that,” said Ryan. 

    “I was encouraged, though, by our team. We did some good things. I thought we got back to some runs and completions. I thought we did a good job offensively. But, obviously, against New England you have got to get off the field and they did a great job of sustaining drives and you have to give them all the credit. They earned it,” he said. 

    “That’s an excellent football team and we’ve got to be smarter. We have got to play smarter. If you make mistakes against that football team, they burn you. And they don’t need any help with the offense that they have. You can’t make mistakes and we made just enough of them to help them. That’s a good football team. They are the better team right now than we are,” said Ryan. 

    One mistake the Jets made was letting Wes Welker get behind the coverage on the first play of the second half. Tom Bradyfound Welker for a 73-yard pass play that set up a touchdown pass to Deion Branch, giving the Pats a 17-7 lead. Third-down conversions didn’t go the Jets’ way, either. New York converted only 27 percent (3 of 11) while New England converted 50 percent (7 of 14). 

    “I never thought I would be here, losing three straight, but that’s where we are at right now,” said Ryan. “We’ve earned it and we’ve got to get better. I have seen this team. It’s a resilient team and I think we will get better.” 

    Ryan’s Jets will get another shot at the Patriots when they host New England on Nov. 13.
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    Re: Jets A House Divided

    This all falls on Rex and Tanny. They built this team and they own it. They drafted poorly , spent FA $ poorly , poor coaching staff ... yea you get the idea.