BB is sitting in his office right now, feet on the desk and smiling up at the ceiling. Afters YEARS of dominating the AFC East, the other teams were finally forced to make desperation moves in the last few weeks.
Jet's= Sissy "don't hit me" Cromartie? Not worth even commenting on so next,
         LT? Serious, lose Jones and bring in an aging declining RB who never sniffed a SB is expected to put you over the edge? Running game takes a hit.

Miami= If bringing in a money grabbing, greedy, cancerous, wife beating thug doesn't qualify as desperate.
Would someone please tell me what (if anything ) Parcell's has done without Belichick guiding him? Belichick has won SB's with and without Parcells, Parcells hasn't won anything without BB. Oh, that's right he brought Dallas to the first round of the playoffs.

Methinks the Jet's and Phins are really getting tired of always looking at NE's butts in the AFC east and the desperation moves are relecting this.