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Jets as frauds

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    Jets as frauds

    This is an interesting comparison

    8-0 against teams .500 and under
    1-3 against teams over .500


    6-1 against teams  .500 and over
    4-1 against teams under .500

    Do you have to say anything more?

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    Re: Jets as frauds

    Sanchez is not yet up to the challenge.  I hesitate to call him a choker, but he's not far from it.

    Revis' postgame comments are, I think, aimed as much at their future as they were at that one loss.  As much as the Pats know they've caught fire, the Jets seem to be reacting like they know their own party is over.

    Pittsburgh's defense is coming for Sanchez.  Harrison will get another fine for doing something in that game...
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    Re: Jets as frauds

    and there wins against cleveland(ot) det(ot) den ( int call on 4th down hail mary on goal line against denver) were not impressive at all, very lucky team, should be 7-6 they are paper tigers
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    Re: Jets as frauds

    With a 45 - 3 pasting of the Jets in the rear view mirror, that team does not deserve our time any more right now!  Let's focus on Da Bears who presents another top flight D for the Pats offense to shred.  Fortunately for Chicago, though, they have their 12th defender, the weather!
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    Re: Jets as frauds

    Rex has all but given up. He don't have that I'm funny element going in the press after the curtain was pulled down.

    After choosing to “defer” every time he won the coin flip in the past, Ryan has decided to take the ball if he wins the coin flip this week.
    “I give in,” Ryan said. “I’m tired of hearing about it. . . . Maybe I’m not sending the right message by not taking the ball. We’ll find out if that works and we get off to a fast start.”Ryan has talked tough this week, but he still looks like his dog got run over.

    I really thought the Fins could go to NY and finish off the jests,But instead they were taking the trip early so they could see the Lombardi play.

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    Re: Jets as frauds

    Wouldn't be shocked if they lose this week to the Dolphins. Don't see them beating the Steelers or the Bears.
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    Re: Jets as frauds

    In Response to Re: Jets as frauds:
    Sanchez sits down with Rexie over tacos and empanadas: "This could be the latest example of Ryan taking a bigger role in the offense than usual. When his quarterback struggled with interceptions late last season, Ryan announced he was going to start attending offensive meetings. Coincidentally, that edict came after a blowout loss to the Patriots in which Sanchez threw four interceptions. That week, Ryan cooked up the wristband idea -- a green, yellow and red band designed to help Sanchez with his decision making. A red play call, for instance, meant that he had to be ultra-cautious with that particular pass."
    Posted by BBReigns

    There were some rumblings when Sanchez was drafted that he wasn't smart enough to a pro QB. Maybe they ought to use pictures as well as color coding.
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