Jets defense and Kevin O'Connell

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    Re: Jets defense and Kevin O'Connell

    The fact that he is a QB who was in the system for a couple of years, and that he was released relatively late, certainly make it likely that some help came from O'Connell.
    However, he did not make Brady miss open receivers. Also, though the Jets brought some heat, Brady has handled pressure well in the past. I think it had more to do with Brady still getting his legs under him after a year off, but it probably didn't help us any that the Jets had at least a few tidbits of knowledge from O'C either.
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    Re: Jets defense and Kevin O'Connell

    Its silly to say O'Connell made a difference. What did he tell them? That Brady is gonna throw to Welker(who got de-activated right before the game) 15 times? Or that Brady will attempt 8 intermediate passes and 2-3 long passes to Moss. Or that if they blitz the Pats keep in a back to help pick it up. Do you think he spilled the beans and told them they like to go to Kevin Faulk on third down? Come on, the offense hasn't been complicated to figure out since Weis left. I wouldn' exactly call it a chess game.

    Now, let's talk about defense. Now that's complicated. Probably over complicated. There's a time when players like Merriweather and Bodden, who know how to hit, should  be allowed to use their aggression and instincts and not be hindered by the overcomplicated zone schemes that are bestowed upon them.

    Ironic that the offense is now designed to go head to head and just straight out beat the opposing team. No complications, extremely predictable, and generally it works. But it needs some more strategy.

    The defense sometimes over the last 3 years looks like a poorly choreographed(i spell it right?) ballet. Time to use some straight up non complicated physical aggressive mean defense.