Jets Fans Are Morons

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    " So your high on the Jests but Moss is your "Main Problem" with the Patriots ???" TrueChamp and ALL : TrueChamp ~, My pops just got back from Florida, So I decided to go back to my parent's house a couple of towns over in order to visit...  Don't know how exactly We delved into the subject on Patriots & Football, maybe just because thats usually the most benign & safest topic for us not to argue.  Either way, I in passing brought up The Jets, noteable it must have been in a derogatory and negative light, 'cause my father quickly said something back like, " WhatTH are you TALKING about?!  I LOVE what New York did this offseason, sheez! While Bill Belichick has been resting on his laurels And Drafting NO-bodies, THEIR Coach has been out makin' stuff happen...He's signed Superstar after Superstar this offseason-Tradin' for Cromartie, Pittsburgh's Wide Receiver, signin' LaDamian, Heck-he was even able ta get Taylor from Miami of which Belichick AND Kraft were NEVER able to do...Their D ALONE is gonna be a Force !" Attempting to pacify a usually dedicated through the many awful New England Patriots's years, but apparently simply- presently ill-informed (perhaps temporarily insane) long-time Patriots Fan (before they were EVER a success)- And without jumping into my obsessional knowledge from following the NFL Draft all year long, I start by simply saying (so there's no firestorm between us):  "Look, Did'ya get to SEE their preseason opener, The Jets's Defense was suspect at best without Revis's ability to utterly shutdown ANY team's #1 Wide Receiver, single handedly without initial LB, double CB, and/or ANY Safety help?" My father then exclaimed: " Ya wanna know what NY's Coach said? He said- I'll give Revis MY Salary...TRUST me people Revis is as good as on the field, It'll get done ." Opting not to bring up LT's slowing-down, Pittsburgh's WR's suspension, A lesser O-Line from the Jets, losing a couple of RB's, an older Defense, suspect Special Teams, or a 2nd year QB on a .500 club who I believe DOUBLED the INTs he threw vs his TDs...I went the "nice guy" route... I said, " I'll personally now take your Patriots Jersey and any and ALL Pats memorabilia...So- should we head inside for that now, or Can I simply dub you as a turncoat until the end of time towards the great New England cause while securing the rest via Fed Ex ...?" His face just turned red...  So in the end, I just decided ta hit 'im up for 30 bucks, which I'm gonna use momentarilly, When I go out right now in order to get myself a few Montecristo's, Padrons, and Cohiba Churchill anniversary editions (Jeeba long-filler, if I'm not mistaken). Now, In the end, I'd like to say that THIS present, THIS victory was secured for ALL dedicated New England Patriots Fans Everywhere, but alas...IF Tom Brady himself, happens by, I will not be sharing my stogies with no other living soul- although in my defense RE: Brady comin' by, I'd give'em a moderate priced Perdomo, & tell'm it's a Padron so mine'll be free.  < If you'll ALL take note- I did my pop's quote in Jets p#ke green, and mine in blood-victory red...this will be the standard henceforth...don't even get on my bad side people />
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

       Nice Work Laz. Sometimes you gotta break it down for Paps, Can't believe you wouldn't cough up a Padron for Brady. Sounds like we smoke the same Cigars. My boss gets some Monte Cristo's delivered from down south if you know what I'm saying. I like Padron's and a good Romeo + Juliet(Dominicans are good). If your ever in West Palm Beach this guy owns a cigar shop called "Lost City Cigar" right in City Place. He has a full selection but also has a small factory where him and his family roll their own cigars and sell them in the store. His blend is called Habaneros. A little mild but nice, fresh rolled, and cheap.