The Jets shouldn't be worried about this kid McKnight calling out sick.  Between Holmes already acting up, dropping QUALITY veteran players and watching Ryan mouth off like Jabba the Hut, the Jets are one bad hair day away from an implosion.  For all the $ they paid, they could at least have brought in quality leaders.  LT whines like a b*tch and any SD fan will tell you that, Holmes speaks for himself, Cromartie owes more in child support than Octo-moms baby's daddy, Taylor is too busy looking pretty, and every Jet cut is THRILLED to be out of a bad situation.  So again...  A third round draft pick is NOT the Jets biggest issue. 

Watching this team implode this year will be day time television at it's best.

And NOW they're pursuing Adalius!!!  I'm sorry but the JETS are a MESS!

Who's left to contend in the AFC???