Jets in the Playoffs?

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    Jets in the Playoffs?

    Would we Pats fans be as p*i*s*s*ed off at the Colts if they "tarnished the integrity of the game" against, say, the Bills? I know I wouldn't be. It's the fact that the Jets may  make the playoffs  by 2 teams laying down that p*i*s*s*es me off.. What are the chances the Bengals won't lay down  next Sunday? Sports justice would have the Jets bounced right out of the playoffs in the first round, with the Colts following a week later...then again, maybe the Jets will  find a way to lose next week.
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    Re: Jets in the Playoffs?

    bengals on the rode, the Jests will be blitzing them. I don't see the bungles playing their starters. they don't want to play the jests in the playoffs either, so they'll throw the game. Jests coming to Foxborough.