Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

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    Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    Sick and can't sleep so I wanted to start a thread on the big game on Monday night. At least now I won't get people telling me to focus on just the game at-hand!

    We lost in Week 2 because our offense sputtered on most of the drives, especially in the second half. In the first half, we moved the ball pretty well. I remember a long run by Fred Taylor (remember him?) but it was wiped out by a penalty. I think the turning point of the game was when Moss torched Revis for his one-handed TD grab. That, to me was the turning point because one Revis checked out in the second half, it seemed like Brady was too honed in on Moss, which caused two picks by Cromartie. Either Moss was in Brady's ear or Brady just locked in on Moss too much. Either way, he was inaccurate and seemingly making poor decisions with the ball.

    Fred Taylor played the whole game and I barely recall seeing Law Firm. I think Law Firm is a completely different animal right now, something new the Jets have to at least think about. I think Fred Taylor will see extended looks against the Jets. Of course, we now have Woody running the ball as well. The Jets know all about him but that won't make it any easier to defend him. I see much, much, much more consistent play-calling and more solid, balanced drives.

    To me, the Jets defense isn't as formidable as it was last year, it's forcing fewer turnovers and overall, just not as aggressive. If we continue throwing to Law Firm and Woody on the screens, we can easily neautralize their aggressive attacks. And now, we're also not asking Brady and the line to hold up for a few seconds to wait on Moss; we're getting the rid of the ball much, much quicker and to a variety of options --- Gronk, Hernandez, Branch, Welker, Edelman, Crump, Woody, Benny, name him and he's just as likely to catch one from Tommy.

    We didn't see Holmes the first time we met so that will be an interesting dynamic. Our secondary's coming around so I don't see this being a huge deal. I really hope we get Mike Wright back for this game.

    Sanchez looks better than last year but I don't see much improvement from earlier in the season. LT is gaining less yards per carry, by a few yards, than he was at the beginning of the year. Not sure if that means he's losing that energy he started with or if the numbers are skewed just because he broke some big ones early on. Still, if we stuff the run and make Sanchez throw, I like our chances.

    Home field + our offense clicking on all cylinders + an opportunistic defense = Patriots 35 Jets 24.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    The Patriots are a different team than they were in week 2. They have a new identity and will actually spread the ball around instead of running on first down and bombing it to Moss on second and third.

    The Jets are playing sloppy football. They're doing just enough to hang on against teams that are last in their divisions, but the Pats are beating teams like the Steelers and Colts.

    Brady has been on fire lately and will continue to be at home. The Jets will come out and play, but I think BB outcoaches Rex in this one. The Jets have been exposed and they are finally going to face a team that can take advantage of their weaknesses.

    The only think I'm worried about is the defense allowing the Jets to stay in it. I know they've been better lately, but I'm still not sold.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I worry that our receivers don't have the talent to get separation against their superior cornerback tandem of Revis and Cromartie, who will pair up on Welker and Branch. 

    I also worry about the Jets getting big kick returns because Shayne Graham doesn't get any semblance of hang time on his kickoffs, which is a drastic change from Gostowski

    Naturally, it's hugely imporatant that the Patriots win the turnover battle.  Also, I would like to see them play from ahead and force Sanchez to complete a lot of passes, which I still question his ability to do while also keeping the Jets from going exotic with their overload blitz schemes.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    49-10 Patriots!   Tom Brady is the greatest QB of all time and will find holes in the Jets defense all night long.  BB is the greatest coach of all time; he'll have the best schemes to attack snachez.


    Anyone who thinks they can't win is a troll
    Anyone who challenges my prediction is a Jets Lovah!

    Your going down Rex!!  Boston rules!!
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    Yep, definitely forgot to mention that point, Nick.

    The Jets, as a good team should do, take advantage of the bonehead mistakes other teams make. The Lions gave them a 15-yard penalty. The Browns gave them a fumble in OT. The Texans couldn't drain out a minute and change to end the game.

    With the way Brady and the Pats have been playing lately, I don't see them turning the ball over more than once (and that's a big if, too, considering the defenses we've played recently).

    Also, good point on special teams. What started out as a great, top-notch unit is now barely serviceable. Losing Ghost doesn't help either...
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    They have two very good CBs, but the thing that makes the Pats offense better now, as opposed to week two, is balance. In week 2 Brady was forcing balls to Moss the entire second half, while they were right in the game at half time. This time around they should be able to use their tight ends (who are more experienced), Danny Woodhead, and improved playcalling against a Jets defense that hasn't been spectacular lately. They are good, but not lights out like they were last year or in the beginning of the season.

    I am worried about the special teams play, as Artist mentioned.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I say bring Stinger missiles to the stadium.  Every time you see a grown man extend his arms running around pretending to be an airplane shoot him down.

    That has to be the most juvenile celebration in the NFL.  
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    Taylor should be ready for this game. If they want to cover up Welker and Branch that is fine. Hernandez, Gronk, Tate, Woodhead, BJGE can all step in to make significant plays. Brady doesn't care about the name on the back of the jersey, he looks for the open man. Brady has locked in and has been looking better each week. We will have plenty of rest and time to improve. I expect our young defense to give up a lot of yards but make the necessary big plays. 

    I also miss Gostkowski's leg, but maybe we can make improvement on special teams to make up for it. This team has such great potential and with a Monday night game at home Brady and the Pats will come out to win.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I certainly am NOT impressed with what I see from them.  But, on the other hand, I'm certainly not impressed at times with what I see from US.  Then the 2nd half against the Lions happens.  I think we know enough about the Jets to beat them.  I believe every year early they throw the kitchen sink at us, and some of it is new, it's all very aggressive, and they get the W mostly on that.  2nd game we put them down.  Last year was like this, and I expect the same.  I think we are better than they are, and the question is, can our somewhat porous pass defense play better or not.  2nd half against the Lions, they looked pretty good.  I think we got the run game taken care of, it's going to be about pass D and putting up points without stopping. Funny to see who wins the kickoff, since both teams love to defer.  It's opposite land!
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I see fat rex trying to do the same thing the Browns did to the Pats. The oline has shown you can get to Brady and the jests will bring everything they have.

    Brady has to be quick and on target. If Brady has time then I think he has too many weapons for the Jets to handle.

    Welker - healthier
    Branch - healthier and improved knowledge of the system
    Law Firm - strait ahead runner
    Woody - does it all
    Gronk - size, athletic and good hands
    Hernandez - good route runner and quickness
    Crump - blocking, blocking and oh hey there is a catch for first down...

    Tate needs to catch the dang ball!
    Taylor needs to be healthy enough to play!
    Morris doing well on special teams and is basically error free when called upon blocking or catching out of the backfield.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    "I cannot stress enough how important this game is - as we already know."

    Yep. I see the winner of this game as a shoe-in for the AFC championship game and likely the Super Bowl rep from the AFC. The loser is going to have a hard road and likely a premature playoff exit. This is literally like moving from the regular season to the playoffs. And it will be a bit like the playoffs the rest of the way unless the Jets go on a losing streak. 

    I'll be surprised if we see much of Fred Taylor. I could be wrong but I think he needs a couple more weeks and the BB figures at this point, having him ready for the playoffs is more important. 

    My biggest concern is Sanchez' elusiveness versus our not-so-good sack artists and then of course some special teams issues.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I am very confident in this game. Lately is seems both the offence an defence feel you out for a quarter or two (like last nite) and then they take you to town.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    The Jests will be TAKEN to school monday!!!!
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    The defense has to play well for all four quarters (yeah it's cliche'). The offense has to pick up the blitz and give Brady time to throw. Right now Brady is locked in; it's almost as if he is psychologically willing the Patriots to win. I think screens to Woody and BJGE could be an effective way to beat the blitz. The Jets run D has been very good so its difficult for me to see Law firm having a big game. The great thing about LAw Firm is that he always falls forward. The Pats need to stop the Jets run game and force Sanchez into 3rd and long sitiuations. At which point the Pats D has to play great situational football because, like or not, Sanchez is not the turnover machine he was last year. Turnovers could play a huge role and I don't much care where they come from (FF, INTS etc..). Everyone makes a valid point about special teams if the Jets still had Washington we'd be in trouble. I don't think the Pats necessarily win the field position game unless the Zoltan pins the Jets deep.

    Keller creates a mismatch so we have to find ways to cover him and stop him from being Sanchez's security blanket (see Bledsoe Coates). As many have stated they have no problems with McCourty, but the other CB has been getting beat routinely. Again the only idea I have is saftey help on deep routes from Holmes or Edwards and I am pretty sure all of us would like to see a better pass rush. The best we can do is make the Jets offense more predictable and thus allow Belichick to get the appropriate personel groups on the field to make key stops. This will be a tight game.
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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    The Jets offense isn't very good and the Patriots defense isn't very good - so it will be a very interesting matchup.

    The pats have to score 28 to win.

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    Re: Jets/Patriots: IT'S HERE!

    I love the fact BB has a week and a half to prepare for the Jets D. The same D we played against in week two but now with a different offensive philosophy. The Jets have not seen an offense like this all year.

    I also think it is fair to say that even though our young defense may not look good on paper they are much improved from week 2. I do not think the Jets will be able to run the ball on us and we will make Sanchez beat us. I don't think he can.

    Has anybody heard from Deion Sanders and Michael Irving??? Are they not the two genius's that said the Patriots just gave up on this season because of the Moss trade? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Imagine if football analysts were held accountable?