Jets plan Super Bowl parade for Feb 9th

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    Jets plan Super Bowl parade for Feb 9th

    This is from

    When informed that Las Vegas oddsmakers considered the New York Jets to be a mammoth long shot to win the Super Bowl, rookie head coach Rex Ryan declared the Jets should be favorites.

    Behind the scenes, Ryan is acting like it.

    When laying out the upcoming calendar for his players, Ryan presented them with a schedule that boldly went beyond this week's practice schedule for Saturday's playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Paul Brown Stadium.

    Ryan wanted the Jets to know their Super Bowl parade will take place Feb. 9.

    ESPN's Adam Schefter and Rachel Nichols report Ryan passed out a schedule of meetings, practices and off days through the Super Bowl.

    Call it confidence, arrogance or a thinly veiled psyops, but the move apparently worked. The players were exuberant over Ryan's bravado.
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    Re: Jets plan Super Bowl parade for Feb 9th

    The Jet's played a good game and won. But, let's not get carried away now. They didn't just beat the 85 Bears. They beat a weak Bengals team that has been  doing their typical season end swoon, looking more like the Bungals that we all rememeber. 

    Rah Rah statements by coaches sound great, but they don't help you when you  have to match up against teams that are much more talented than you are, like the Colts & Chargers. It's as great a season as a Jet's fan could hope for, 1 playoff win. Now they will come crashing back to reality when they lose to the Colts next weekend. Yes, this time the Colts will actually be trying to beat the Jets.