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Jets players say "Tebow is terrible"

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    Re: Jets players say

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    Say what you like about Tebow, but I like to deal in facts. The facts say he was 7-4 last year and brought his team to the playoffs. And the facts also say he is a higher rated passer than Sanchez and takes better care of the ball plus he can run.

    I prefer players sink or swim based on what they do on the field rather than the wisdom of the mob.

    I just hope the jets keep playing Sanchez. We know he sucks. Some just think Tebow sucks. It is impossible to know that from the incomplete evidence we have.

    No Babe you deal with statistics you can manipulate not in direct facts

    Wins and loses are meaningless when judging a player. That's like saying Felix Hernandez is a worse pitcher then John Lackey because in 10' Lackey was 14-10 and King Felix was 13-12. The team had more to do with the victories then Tebow did, well unless Tebow blessed his kickers leg.

    Tebow had 13 fumbles and 6 ints last year which is about the same pace as what Sanchez is on for this year (turn overs total per game). Tebow also only attempted around 20 passes a game and completed less then 47% of them. It's hard not to have a good passer rating when you never throw the ball. If you didn't notice the more you throw the harder it is to maintain a high passer rating. Sanchez isn't much better but at least he throws it more and completes more passes. Oh Sanchez's career QB rating is 72.8 and Tebow's is slightly higher at 75.5 but it's skewed by the fact that he wasn't a starter for a good portion. Non-starters tend to have better QB ratings because they don't have to throw as much and are mostly used in gimmick plays resulting in higher amount of completions until the league adjusts. When he was given a larger amount of starting games his rating instantly dropped to the same level as Sanchez at 72.9.

    Tebow is not an NFL QB and I hope the Jets do play him because they'd never win a game again. Honestly if they had zero plan to move forward with Sanchez then why not, it might help sell tickets (not win games) but if Sanchez is your QB next year you can't pull him for someone just as bad if not worse at this point in the season

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    Re: Jets players say

    In response to BabeParilli's comment:

    In response to wozzy's comment:

    Tebow sucks, he probably sucks less for the Jests right now because their O Line is a joke along with every other position, so I'd start him. Also Rex won't be able to say he didn't try everything to win. 

    But just because Sancheez sucks, it doesn't make Tebow good. The Broncos were a very good team last year, when they met in the playoffs BB forced Tebow to pass to win, that's where he gets exposed.  Very little touch on the ball, can't throw the deep out or make those across the field passes... he would have a great career in the arena league.

    75% of what makes a QB good is between his ears. Great numbers of big armed busts have cycled through the NFL. Tebow certainly looks to be challenged to make certain throws. But that does not completely exclude him from the possibility of still being a relatively effective QB given the right coaching and scheme. He has 17 TDs and 9 INTs for his career. That ain't too shabby for a guy so many say sucks. Quite a bit better than some guy named Luck everybody has wood for. Actually, he has done remarkably well considering he has had zero support from the powers that be on both teams he has been on.

    You want to see a raw deal? This guy is the poster child for that.

    He'll never win the big game for the same reason Vick never will, when faced with a superior post season defense that can sit a defender on him, shadow him, you take away his ability to make plays with his feet thefore he becomes a pocket passer... a job he cannot do.  Period.

    Nobody will ever come from college, completing 50% of his passes and make a good Pro... never.  He'll win regular season games, thats all.  This isn't a personal indictment of Tebow, I could care less about him or his religion or whatever; he never should have been drafted.


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    Re: Jets players say

    The ones who said these things shoud look in being helping How can they honestly blame Tebow for there horrible playing. How many times has he been in a game? Sanchez has the lowest QB rating, he is the one that is terrible. At least Tebw has a few things going for him, maybe under the right guidance he could become a good QB, he cant throw but knows the game  unlike Sanchez who just doesn't have it. He forces things has no awareness of the field.