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    Lets be honest - after week 1 the Jets look mighty good on defense. Its only one week but Rex Ryan has installed a Baltimore Ravens like approach to defensive play calling. Bart Scott, David Harris, and Kris Jenkins are going to attack up the middle again just like against the Texans. Difference maker I think is that brady will be able to use 3 to 4 WR shotgun sets and spread out those LBs to help identify and adjust at the line. Predicting to see alot of Kevin Faulk pass protections and screen passes to the flats. Going to be a test for the offensive line, primarily for Mankins, Koppen, and Neal.
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    This will be a real test, no doubt.  Perhaps more for the defense than the offense--Sanchez and company wd seem to plenty to handle for our current defense (esp if Mayo is out).

    The one thing we have going for us is that we usually play very well in the big apple (and poorly here) against the Jets.

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    I was at the Texans game and keep one thing in mind: Houston has an undersized, zone-blocking schemed Offensive Line. In theory, their quickness is supposed to be to their advantage but physically, they don't matchup well. Jenkins is a problem for anyone but Center Chris Myers had no shot whatsoever. You shoulda seen what Haynesworth has been doing to 'em the past few seasons. The Jets D looked awesome against a Texan OL that was tailor made for them. It won't be as easy against NE.
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    Isn't Kris Jenkins on the Packers now? 
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    David Harris had 11 tackles 96 solo) no one else was that outstanding.  The TEAM defense was solid though

    We will need to control Harris, blunt their attacking defense with some screens and draws and then attack them down the field to open things up.

    Sanchez had a nice game but only 4 receivers caught passes which tells me that they do not have the same diversity in their offense as Patriots and/or sanchez is a long ways from being able to read the defense.

    They ran for 190 yards led by Jones 20/107 and 2 TD's.  If NE shuts down the running game it will put the Jets in passing situations where sanchez will have to make decisions. 

    I am going to nickname the game as 'The kiss the Ring game"