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Jet's strategy

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    Jet's strategy

    Rex wanted to keep Brady on the sidelines.  I believe he succeeded.  Tom was in on the fewest plays in the first half of any game thus far this season.

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    Re: Jet's strategy

    Very funny...perhaps Rex might want to re-think his plan or better communicate it to the players.

    If you were a Jet's fan? It was an ugly 2nd quarter to watch and not much fun in the second half either...

    If you were a Pats fan? It was an entertaining game to watch no doubt...Always a good finish to a holiday meal with the Patriots on national TV playing the hated Jet's. They usually play one another tough. But I'll take a blow out...unfortunately it won't stop the blowhards that are the coaches and players of the Jets from making A _ _ es of themselves...

    If you were a football fan though the second quarter was entertaining. During halftime, watching what was a pretty weak show...I'm sure most decided to take their nap in the second half...

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