Jets to get spanked tonight

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    Re: Jets to get spanked tonight

    didnt mean to get you blow off, but look how aweful they are playing. Doesnt mean they are bad team but they certainly beatable. They cant even get enough pressure os sanchise.

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    Re: Jets to get spanked tonight

    Even though the Jets lost, it was a great effort by them.  Despite the injuries they kept the game very close and had a chance to win the game. 

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    Re: Jets to get spanked tonight

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    Texans looking like an ordinary team.. Why you so scared of them??

    Because he's led by the media.  He plays a doom and gloom game with the team he supposedly roots for here in NE and then overrates the media darling. He does it every year. He was scared of the Jets in recent years with RKarp. LMAO

    Why yes!! I do think the Texans are a good I wrong?

    It's  a lot better than saying the following (like you said)...

    McCourty is in the same class as Revis

    Brady is to blame for the play of Chad Ocho Cinco

    Chung= Troy Palumalu if used as a strong safety!!

    Carlos Dunlap= Not as good as Cunningham

    Leigh Bodden is an elite shut down corner

    Merriweather is the second best safety in the AFC

    Markell Carter is going to be really something for us do to us paying him extra on the practice squad.

    We should trade Brady and start the Mallett revolution (said after the Cardinal's game)

    Everyone will be in "salary cap hell" due to impending doom of the lockout

    If only we had given the ball to Ben Jarvus Green Ellis more we would of won the Super Bowl.

    Tom Brady tells Bill Belichick how to run the offense

    Logan Mankins is the most overrated player in the NFL

    Should I go on???? Because I could, but I'm getting bored. Truthfully you're a clown. No one likes you, in fact there was a thread 700 posts long about the joy of you being gone:)


    Please don't use facts. Rusty is allergic to them. They tend to create symptoms of amnesia and he forgets his foolish comments

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    Re: Jets to get spanked tonight

    I was surprised Houston didn't put up more points.


    I have to admit they don't worry me so much now.

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    Re: Jets to get spanked tonight

    3. The goal is to suck for 2 years (2012 and 2013) Have 2 good to great drafts picking in the top 10 those 2 years and restock the core talent, 



    Well their doing a fine job on t hat now.  I say. The Jests win 6. The tebow chants will start this weekend.  The jests gethigh draft picks every 3 or 4 years. It almost seems like design  the colts tanked last year and being it's acopy cat league the Jests will try to emulate that. In true Jest fashion they'll screw that up too  I think their turning into a cross between the browns and the bengals.