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Jets v Colts Predictions

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    Jets v Colts Predictions

    What a dreadful AFC championship for Pats fans. Two hated teams. Hard to root for either one in this game. Can they both lose? Too bad they can't cause I'd rather watch the Vikings vs Saints in the SB than the Jets or Colts. I hate the Jets more than any team in football, followed closely by the Colts, but I think I'm pulling for the Jets in this one.

    I think Polian and his asinine arguments sway my vote in this game. I'm gonna say it so don't hate me for it......I actually like Rex Ryan and his 72inch waist more than Polian. I'm tired of hearing Dan Dierdorf solicit PM for sex every time he commentates in a Colts game. I hate seeing PM's happy feet and the media's bandwagon.

    I think of all the teams in the playoffs in the AFC, the Jets stand the best chance of beating the Colts. Here's why.

    The Jets D has been able to shut down opposing TE's all year. They can take away Dallas Clark. Revis has been able to shut down the games best WR's all year. He can take Reggie Wayne out of the game. That leaves the Jets secondary against Collie and Garcon. I think that battle is a wash. I don't think the Colts will have an effective running game. That leaves the Jets HAVING to pressure PM.

    If the Jets hold the Colts to 17 or less.....the Jets will win. I see the Jets struggling to score points in this one and if they are to win, it will be because of the defense.

    While I don't think Sanchez even is on the same planet as Brady, this Jets team reminds me more of the 2001 Pats. Able to run the bowl and have a gritty defense.

    Manning vs Jets DL = Advantage Colts
    Revis vs Wayne = Advantage Jets
    Jets LB's vs Clark = Advantage Jets
    Jets Secondary vs Garcon and Collie = Even
    Jets DL / LB's vs Colts Running game = Advantage Jets
    Sanchez vs Colts DL = Advantage Colts
    Jets Running game vs Colts DL / LB = Advantage Jets
    Keller / Cotchery / Edwards vs Colts Secondary / LB's = Even

    Jets 17 - Colts 14

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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    JETS 24-20

    The Colts very simply are not that good
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts win 17-13

    I just dont see Manning losing. He moved the ball well against the Jets when he had to.

    But with this Jets defense, one never knows. I picked the Chargers in a close game.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts win 20-13
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    colts 31-13, or 31-23 if Painter plays.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts 28-14.

    This is a tough one to root for, but in the end, the Colts will not be as arrogant as the Jets, if they win, so they get my vote.
    Hopefully it won't matter, when it's all said and done, I'll root for whichever NFC team to take it all.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    I expect a game very similar to the Colts - Ravens game. The Jets defense is a little better and their offense is a little worse than the Ravens. If the Colts Played a Full game in week 16 the final probaly would have been about 23 - 13. The Colts offense was stifled a little by the Jets but the Jets Couldn't move the Ball and needed a 106 yd Kickoff return to produce their only TD against Colts starters.

    My prediction. Colts -23  Jets -9
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

         As a Jets fan, I would love to see this Cinderella ride continue...But I keep seeing a big pumpkin on wheels instead:

          Colts 27 Jets 17

       "Pray for the dead, and fight like hell for the living."
     Mary Harris "Mother" Jones (union and community organizer, 1837-1930)

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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    My Jets/Colts prediction is a bunch of Pat's fans disappointed with the outcome, including me.  Would love both teams to lose or end up in a tie (I know it can't happen).

    Tough to pick, but I can see the colts winning a close one, but I would rather see the jets win since I know more colts fans.  It is the irony of knowing the colts could have put the jets out of the playoffs if they had played that game a few weeks back that makes me want to see the jets win.

    I still hate both teams.  Which ever team wins I hope gets steamrolled, curb-stomped, snot-bubbled and (insert favorite cliche here) in the SB.

    Colts 24-17.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    I want to jets to win. I don't like them but I always root against the colts first and foremost.

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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    First off, I HATE the Colts! It's mostly a rivalry thing, but the overexposure of Manning and Polian's incessant whining add a bit to it. But in this case I'm afraid I have to hope for them to win. As for the Jests, hating them is a natural thing. Like the Arabs and the Jews, the Hatfields and McCoys, and other long standing hatreds you are born to it being a Patriots fan. I actually kind of like Rex, he is amusing sometimes, and he's certainly done wonders with that defense. But after seeing the Colts come out swinging in the Ravens game, I think they have enough to beat the Jests. The Chargers in essence beat themselves with missed opportunities and stupid penalties. The Colts won't do that. Were the game outside in NJ, I'd have my doubts. But in the dome I think Indy will prevail. I'll also be watching to see how many flags Revis draws covering Reggie! The Colts defense is also a fast one, and I think they'll be able to confuse Sanchez enough that he makes a couple rookie mistakes. Which leaves us all rooting for the NFC in three weeks. I don't know who to choose from the Saints or Vikings. If SD made it to Miami I'd have wanted to see the Saints, so Brees could rub their faces in it that they cut him loose like they did. But Sidney Rice (he of the 3 TDs yesterday) was a huge star down here in SC, so the Vikings have the "local" least for me. And just maybe if Favre won another Lombardi he'd REALLY call it quits, and we'd be spared from the big soap opera we get every summer! In any case, the AFCCG will be an evil choice this season. I'll bet the Colts are happy that the Jests won, though! Before they pulled the starters they had Gang Green dead to rights, and would have wound up 15-0.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    4Adam: This has been one painful season for Pats fans. I wish it was the Saints-Vikings in the SB too. There's plenty to like about both those teams- and plenty to dislike about the Jets and Colts.
    No one gave the Jets a chance against the Chargers, I think they are riding a tidal wave right now. I agree with your position assessments- and the Jets could win- but I think the Colts will win.
    The interesting thing here will be the game plans and coaching adjustments.

    Can't stand Rex Reed- but he's obviously doing something right.

    Manning is light years ahead of Sanchez in game management- and like most Pats fans can't stand him either- but I think he'll pull it out in what I think will be a close low scoring game.
    Refs will be a wild card as always when the Colts play.
    Looking forward to the Vikings/Saints game.
    And whoever the winner is there- should  go  all  the way!

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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    When the Colts/Jets last played the Jets showed no ability to slow the Colts. Wayne and Manning had no fear in going after Revis, in fact Wayne was schooling him. Addai was getting yards when they ran him, and the Jets pass rush was worthless. The Colts D is on par with the Jets and their O Is light years ahead. The Colts have faced some of the best rushing attacks this season and beaten them all. I think the Colts will do the same as they did to the Ravens. Be patient, take what the Jets give them, get a lead and then make a rookie try and beat them.

    Colts 27
    Jets 9
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Dunno what the end score will be, but I'd like the JETS to win it all. Why? cuz they're underdogs the rest of the way.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

     Strictly speaking for myself, I am always happy to see the Colts go down, and I like Brady with four superbowls/3 wins and Manning at 1/1. Additionally, if I am looking for an outcome that could benefit the Patriots, the only thing I can see is if the Jets win, having to listen to the loud and obnoxious players/coach/fans of a division rival, will light a fire in the Pats bellies.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    The Jets are what our Pats used to be before Wes and Moss.  Tough, Sure Tackling, Smart, Dominant on OL and DL, Able to impose their will on the opponent.

    I Said it last week and I'll say it this week:  If you swap Brady for Sanchez, The Jets are champs and the Pats are chumps.  The Pats are not built to beat tough physical teams as they once were.  Somehow they have morphed into the St. Louis Rams! 

    I am confident that the team we see in Foxboro in '10 will emphasize physicality and toughness moreso than the finess we have seen over the last 3 years.  If not than teams like Miami, NY, and Baltimore will continue to eat these Pats up and Tom Brady will be on lhis way to being the next Kurt Warner.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    A lot of pas interference, illegal contact, and defensive holding

    The Jets not being allowed to play physical defense due to a rash of penalties in the first quarter/half, which will take them out of their game plan

    Like someone else on here said, the New York media exposing the Colts for pumping in crowd noise (although to their defense, I'm now fairly confident that the Pats and Chargers also do this - WATCH THE PEOPLE ON TV TO SEE IF THEY'RE CHEERING WHEN THE PLACE GETS "LOUD")

    And a reply from underdoggg saying that there are holding calls that weren't made from which the Jets benefited (implying that the Colts never hold and get away with it also, which is b*llsh*t logic)
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Give Green the Green New Jersey defense credit for keeping the game close enough so that the offense could take advantage when San Dago ultimately imploded (as any sensible Pats fan had to suspect it would). I don't expect the Colts to come apart at the seams the way the Bolts did (do), which means the Jests offense is going to have to find a way to keep up with Indy. If I thought for even a second that it was merely the Indianapolis Colts that Green New Jersey had to defeat, I might give them a punchers' chance. But I do not think that. I fully expect Manning to be frustrated -- at least marginally -- by the Jests defense, but that will not prevent him from employing the Colts' most dangerous weapon. Lest we all forget, it is not actually necessary to complete the deep ball to get the yardage.

    This one looks like 24 or 27 to something like 10 or 13.

    The Jests have no chance.

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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts 27 - Jets 6

    Simply put, Indy has better team, better players, better coaches.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Indy has more well-known, established players but that much better? I beg to differ. Also, at this point I do not declare Caldwell (the black Wade Phillips) a better coach than Rex Ryan. Two years in a row, a Rex Ryan defense has been in the AFC title game; that's not by accident.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts D is somewhat under-rated.  Baltimore's offense is really a little bit better version of the Jets offense.  I see the Jets keeping it close but I don't see Manning making the mistakes Rivers made. 

    23-13 Colts.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Holy crud, ap - I hadn't thought of that before. Caldwell and Philips have the same look while on the sideline - like they aren't even at the game.
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Colts 27- Jets 13
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    Re: Jets v Colts Predictions

    Regardless of the outcome, you have to admire what the Jets have done this year. I'm no Jets or Colts fan, but the Jets have played tough football, and their defense is very good. 
    I have to take the colts in this matchup. I think the Colts will actually win by 10 or more. Colts 24, Jets 10.