In watching the game & pre/post-game hype it was hard not to notice how elated the Jets were with winning this game. They squeezed out another game against a team that was lucky to be in the Play-Offs. My point is I think the Jets were even surprised that they could win this game.  Once good old Rexxy said he wanted to enjoy the victory for the next 12 sounded he was even surprised they won. It was very un-BB in every way, shape, & form.

The Jets just do not get it yet. The Pats are coached & they expect to win, but the Jets are brash & know their QB is mediocre. As I said before the Pats are the closest thing I have seen to the 49ners of the 80's & early 90's. Coming in to Foxboro to face Brady is not comforting to any team. The fact that he is fired up this year makes it even more scary.

Time to Shove HBO where the sun does not shine come Sunday.