JJ WATT marries a 6 YO!

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    Re: JJ WATT marries a 6 YO!

    In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:

    these are the kinds of stories the contrarian would tackle and get everyone all bunched up in their tidy whities.. anywho, just heard the archive of his interview on eei from yesterday. that was a great show. the ross guy involved in lewis' recovery was also phenomenal.

    wattsy heard of a cute gal in texas talking to her single mom on a video and crying that she just wanted to marry jj watts. he had his folks contact the mom and arrange an actual ceremony for her to be his bride for a day. he showed up and proposed with a ring pop, first dance to a beiber tune and had all her friends in attendance with paparazzi in tow. i have heard of guys going out of their way for their fans but this going the extra mile. now if i hear that he's now dating the mom or engaged upon her hitting 18 that would give the word "creep" a whole different dimension.

    brother sometimes i think u really need some help