JOSH BRENT...when to cut bait?

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    JOSH BRENT...when to cut bait?

    convicted of manslaughter for killing a teammate, allowed to watch games from the sidelines despite furor, now has flunked TWO drug tests (mary jane) and is BUSTED for pot in the interim... about time goody puts down code that puts the community first and sets community standards for his national felons league.. if these guys were secretarys or any working stiff, would b history. the enabling is simply off the charts. enough is enough! should b immediately suspended til ALL legal issues are resolved as well as league sanctions.

    in the meantime, jerseys should b banned from sale, just airbrush these jabros away. should b up to the commish. once ur arrested, he should decide if or when ur off the team or temporarily out of the league. hurts the brand!

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    Re: JOSH BRENT...when to cut bait?

    What an embarrassment to the Cowboys and their fans.  They should have cut bait a long time ago.  Heck, he was just arrested again for failing a drug test and he still hasn't been released.  Some might want to call it loyalty but most, myself included are calling it wrong and an embarrassment to any organization that would allow that. 



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