Josh Gordon!

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    Josh Gordon!

    Throw Cleveland a second round pick and go after Josh Gordon! Kid can ball! Brady deserves it..

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    Re: Josh Gordon!

    In response to Harvey-Wallbanger's comment:

    Very low IQ with Gordon.  He wouldn't know how to get past page 10 of our playbook like Mike Wallace wouldn't.

    I am a little tired of thinking this is about Brady "deserving" anything. He's blown two SBs, one with Moss and Welker.

    And a myriad of other postseason games.   The day Brady stops hearing what he "deserves" is the day we win a SB.

    Brady.  Will he ever get back to getting it?

     BB's illustrious D is the Answer.  

    You know, the one with no picks in the SB's  No 3 & outs, no goal line stands, 0/4 in the RZ, yada yada yada

    So, All teams deserve wide receivers that can catch, run routes and not lead the league in DROPS, except BRADY?  All teams have 3 rookie WR's starters?  Really?  Must have missed that.

    Every team has the same cap and they seem to have them.  Even the Bad teams don't have receivers that lead the league in drops.  Only BB's, do.

    Why don't the Pats?

    What did BB do with TB's cap savings, the 5 or 6 times, he restructured, to save cap?

    Oh ya, dead money.  Got it.


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