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Julian Edelman in the Antwaan Randle El role more

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    Julian Edelman in the Antwaan Randle El role more

    What I mean is that Coach needs to ue Edelman more on offense and using Edelman in gadget plays where he's passing and running and less on defense. Julian has the same skill sets as Antwaan Randle El (Who is currently a Free Agent) as both of them were quarterback for their respective colleges, I say use Edelman more in that role. As we all know, Coach is no timid Coach when it comes to taking chances as that 4 & 2 back in 2009 was just a long list of gutsy calls he has made as the Head Coach for the last 12 years for our beloved Pats. When Coach calls some kind of gadget play, he doesn't call it just to be calling it, he calls it because he thinks it will work and doesn't think twice about. Edelman already has the Punt Return duties, use him more in that Randle El role where he involved in trick plays.
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    Re: Julian Edelman in the Antwaan Randle El role more

    Edelman is a college quarterback who didn't know how to play wide receiver.  The Boston Herald reports that he's made a jump this year because he learned how to play the position.

    I see Edelman first as a surprisingly capable replacement for Wes Welker.  He always had Welker's explosion and even a bit more, but now he's learning how to play.  After he has that job down, yes he's got the moxie for running gimmick plays without goofing up, and yes we'll see a few gimmicks from Josh McDaniels and a mature offense.  Edelman just doesn't have the most accurate arm in the world (think Tim Tebow) so don't ask for quarterback-type miracles.