Julian Edelman QB/RB

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    Julian Edelman QB/RB


    could the pats have a wildcat of there own?
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    Re: Julian Edelman QB/RB

    Eddie Edelman's son...can take tickets at Suffolk Downs AND can collect towels at the Stadium.

    And like his dad, he doesnt tip.
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    Re: Julian Edelman QB/RB

    One of my favorite players. I called him going to the Pats just before the pick; it was one of my few successful Patriot predictions. :)  Of course, I totally missed almost all of the other ones, so I'm not exactly in a place to brag.

    Still miffed we didn't get Rashad Jennings . . .
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    Re: Julian Edelman QB/RB

    At least twice a game on third and 1, remove Tom Brady (gulp) and put Edelman under center.  He can sneak the ball far better than Brady.  He can run around end and lose cornerback containment.  He can easily hit a 20 yard pass. 

    Edelman will improve the team's red zone offense percentage, where hitting the perfect 40 yard pass on a 20 yard field is no longer a useful QB skill.  Eventually other teams will learn that they have to prepare for the EdelmanCat (with even less preparation time for Tom Brady!)

    In any case, that's the hope.  The Pats been drafting good seventh round QBs since the turn of the millenium, so it's worth a try.  Besides, the Patriots need three or four good quarterbacks just in case.  Give the kid one shot in preseason.  Please!!  Tom Brady used to be a pretty mediocre sixth round QB once too.

    Until then, Edelman's being compared potentially to Wes Welker as a WR.  I'd compare him to that other seventh rounder, Troy Brown, who also played emergency quarterback, nickel for the defense  and punt returner just like Edelman did in college.  Even Troy wasn't a running back, though.

    P.S. I did myself a big favor by staying away from specific pick #23 predictions, except for general trade up, trade down and trade out predictions.  At that, I underestimated the sheer trading volume of Wall Street Foxboro.  In the end there was no pick #23 so I guessed as right as I could. 

    To be honest, the exciting seventh round picks never seem to work out.