Julian Peterson:Worth a look?

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    Julian Peterson:Worth a look?

    The Seahawks are about to release veteran Julian Peterson, I don't watch too many Seahawk games, but should the Pats take a look at him to shore up the LB position? A quality veteran might be the answer, especially if the Pats can make a move for Malcom Jenkins in the 1st or Davis from illinois.

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    Julian Peterson:Worth a look?

    If you had watched the 49ers you would know all you need.

    I am a huge fan of him, and if I were starting a 4-3 team he would on top of the LB list.

    OK he is 30, so odds are there are a few years left.

    But his playing weight is a generous 240 listed. I think he might be a little undersized for what NE does.

    But what do you get with Peterson (hypothetically) a real swiss aremy knife of a defender. He is lighting fast, and knows how to use his speed and hands when asked to blitz.

    He is an explosive but sure tackler, with tremendous range even at 30.

    Without a doubt Julian Peterson is the best coverage LB in the NFL, bar none. He can cover RBs and TEs better than most SS's and is not a lost cause on slot recievers.

    He is a non-stop player, who never takes a play off.

    That said, he is filed in the no way category. Maybe too small, but too expensive all around to come here. Unless there was a cut or two and a real sweetheart deal, I can't see it happening.

    But he is a bonafide playmaker, especially when you buy him protection at the line.
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    Julian Peterson:Worth a look?


    According to FOXSports.com, via Tom Kowalski of Mlive.com, the deal that will send defensive tackle Cory Redding from Detroit to Seattle for linebacker JulianPeterson is done.

    Though we’d previously heard that the Seahawks would be sending a draft pick to the Lions, as it turns out the Lions are sending a fifth-rounder to the Seahawks.

    As Kowalski pointed out earlier today, the trade could take the Lions out of the running for linebacker Aaron Curry with the first overall pick, unless they plan to use him or Peterson or Ernie Sims in the middle.

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    Julian Peterson:Worth a look?

    So much for that idea!