June 12 observations

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    Re: June 12 observations

    Thx for Info. Cant wait till July so I can go see some live action with  full pads.

    Big Year for Ras I and I believe Vareen is ready to take on that 3rd down back/Faulk type role and be another outlet for Brady while his new guys get up to speed. I think people(ahem) dont give enough credit to Faulk for what he did and what he was to Brady. He was the guy Brady went to in a jam and Never dropped clutch passes so lets keep that in perspective. Woody was good last year but wasnt out there as consistently as Faulk. I look for Vareen to be that guy this year and he will be needed. Ridley is gonna he is touches go down to more of a 1st down bruiser and redzone guy IMO.   Good to hear about Washington. Im predicting atleast 3 k/o returns


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    Re: June 12 observations

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Some observations from today...

    Hard to tell who each player is with out numbers..and helmets on..(I am 99% sure I have each player correctly identified that I commented on)

    -Ras looks very good. If healthy, I could see him bumping Dennerd. He looks big and fast, moving very well. I thought he was Talib at first

    -Sudfeld will play in the NFL. I am assuming even at this early stage of practice, he will not last on the PS. Some TE needy team will take him

    -Ballard IMO is moving at 60-70% of what I remember when the Pats played the Giants. He is clearly not ready if the season started today..lets hope by September he is good to go (there is no way for me to tell if his running is due to his micro fracture surgery, but I am assuming it is)

    -Thompkins will not make the team, but could be offered a spot on PS. He looks big, and runs nice routes for a bigger guy. Had a drop, but still impressed

    -Vereen is bigger than last year

    -Washington looks very fast. When signed, I thought he may have lost a step or two from his Jets days. From what I can see, he hasnt. I was wrong on him, nice addition.

    -Edelman is still in a boot or walking cast...

    -Mallett looks great for June...better than last preseason for sure...better footwork, better touch, more confident.

    -with out the o line popping, hard to gauge much other than who worked out and bulked up. also hard to identify the new guys. I will try to have better info in July/August 

    Thanks very much for this.  It certainly would be a plus from my perspective if Ras I were healthy for the regular season.  Good stuff on everyone else as well.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    Thanks for the report rkarp! 

    I'm very excited for Zach Sudfeld.  Zach is a big, talented kid who can really catch the ball.  He would be a great addition to the TE's.  I think has a very good shot at making the team and if he doesn't work out here then he won't have any problem finding a team that will want him.

    I like what I read about Ras-I.  I have always thought he would be very good if he can stay health.  Love his heighth and range.

    For some reason I thought Ballard would be further along then what it seems like.

    I'm very excited to see what Washington can do.  A great addition by BB!!



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    Re: June 12 observations

    Good stuff, I think one of the more encouraging things is hearing that Dennard has at least been seen by the media since his injury. We are known for stashing the seriously injured guys in some secret room behind the curtains.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    Nice report, keep up the good stuff. Hopefully this year I can sneak out of work for a couple of practices.

    I've beentrying to pump up Sudfeld since we signed him as a UDFA. I'll keep repeating myself that this kid is one to watch. For a guy his size he has soft hands and is relatively fast, very good blocker too. If I had to choose 1 between Hoom, Fells, Sudfeld it would be Sudfeld just on potential alone. If healthy Gronk, Hern, Ballard, Sudfeld could be the scariest TE group in the history of the NFL. Might be the first time too you see a 4 TE formation in the NFL

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    Re: June 12 observations

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Some observations from today...

    Good stuff rkarp, firsthand accounts are usually the best.  I like the no numbers, it makes accountability and team work more personal, players should have to learn each others name.

    Ras only ever needed to stay healthy, the talent was evident, it would be a miracle at this point for him to become an every down player, but maybe could if all he ever was is unlucky.  I'd like to see him make it.

    Sudfeld is young, tall, can run and catch, he needs to get stronger but with Brady throwing to him could become an instant star as a receiver.

    Ballard may very well be slow moving due to injury but remember he wasn't very fast to begin with, he's a big guy, in the Kyle Brady mold, an extra O Lineman.  He is particularly good in that while not fast, he's agile and has really soft hands, so he's solid around the goalline. I hope he is at full strength this year, there will be some battles at tightend in camp.

    Washington and Vereen are something else to watch, if Vereen was a mirage late last season or can't stay healthy, Leon is still a baller as a third down back.

    Mallett may still go down as the best QB in his class, lets enjoy Brady while we have him but the future is bright.

    The pictures of Solder are pretty obvious, he looks substantially larger in the upper body than last year, and always keep an eye out for 61, who always is big though they list him as having lost weight.  Our O Line is a strength again coached by Scar.

    I can't wait for the season to start.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    Good stuff Rkarp thanks for posting. Most excited to hear about Ras-I, just hoping he stays healthy. And I am a firm believer that Sudfeld makes the team, maybe at the expense of Fells or Hooman. Wih his size and skillset couldn't believe he wasn't drafted even with the injury. A good informative thread like this is much better than just taking shots at each other right?! lol Stay well.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    I don't know if Sudfeld beats out Hooman or Fells but from everything I've read he does have a chance to make the team.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    Does anyone know if Dobson was on the field for the 2nd day? And why was he not on the field day 1? Thanks.

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    Re: June 12 observations

    If Sudfeld is showing enough promise - maybe he should take Hooman or Fell's spot. Would be better than losing him; if he's that good.

    Plus, it will be interesting if Gronk, Hernandez, and Ballard are not in good enough shape to play at the beginning of the season. PUP?