russia has been a really loud jabro lately. they are literally crucifying gays over there. da commy is all about the ladies but as a human it pains me to see any group summarily discriminated against due to their biology or orientation, black or white, on the left or rght (maybe not so much if the "victims" are called tea partiers but i digress... go BOEHNER!). . mandela wouldnt stand for it, y should the leader of the progressive wing of the d-party not also take a stand?

another epic moment for him. enough said without saying a thing. would b like sending al sharpton to a country beefing with brothas or sending the guy who sang billie jean to a country cracking down on effeminate males... it wouldnt shock me if at the closing ceremony there is a 3 minute liplock featuring bille jean king and her wifey. lets see how putin likes that!

u-s-a! u-s-a u-s-a!