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Just grabbing a WR or something more?

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    Just grabbing a WR or something more?


    Since this is Sanders day my question is..

    People are treating this as if the Pats are focussing on Sanders just because he is availible and fills a need. Some act like it is the evil genius BB more enthralled with the sinister plot to undemine another team than just grabbing a wr in the draft.

    I think  they actually had a specific plan for exactly this type of reciever all along and they had specifically Sanders on their short list to fill a role and are taking advantage of an opportunity that plays right into their hands.

    Why do I say this?

    They have already gone deep into the " is he a receiver or is he a blocker?" game with the TE with a single audible can drastically change a play to take advantage of the defense on the field.

    Could this be now setting up the new stategy the Whos do I put my short quick coverage guy on? Who's going to run the short quick route and who is going long mid route? Between Danny A, Sanders and Hern you have 3 guys than are quick and can burn many CB's and LB's short, they can also, against the right matchup  go for the double move and get behind the coverage if it is too tight. (which is  teams have been doing to the Pats in key games)

    In other words taking the next step / improving what they already have by retaining the short game but making it better by giving it 3 potential short rout runners.

    A defense will have only so many guys good at short routes and only so many for downfield coverage...are we going to see a new set of audibles that takes advantage of who is standing across the line from each of them?

    So , Sanders having over average cone dirll/quickness and enough experience football IQ to fit the position perfectly...better than a draft pick.

    So is this the PAts being semi-opportunistic , grabbing a JAR or is a Josh McD and BB getting exactly  the player they wanted  in theit latest gambit to step ahead of the league and change the game?


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    Re: Just grabbing a WR or something more?

    Can't forget about Edelman, either, provided he stays healthy.

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    Re: Just grabbing a WR or something more?

    No cb for depth?