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In Response to Re: Just shoot Maroney! : Wrong analysis.  They took over at about their 20 and we got it back on the punt return.  Had we scrored (no fumble), the ensuing kickoff would still have left them at about their own 20.  Then the punt return .....   The difference is 7 points lost due to the fumble. That said, Maroney (IMO) was only responsible for 10% of the loss.  More than 80% goes to Belicheck for the bonehead decision on 4th and 2.  I have never yelled at my TV as much since they left decided to leave Pedro in for the eight inning against the Yankees and he proceeded then to blow the game.  Oh well, I guess Bill is not infallible -- but still is one of the very best. I pity the Jets next week.
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Thats even more of a wrong analysis. How do you know the Colts would have gone 3 and out if Maroney did score? He wasnt making it into the end zone on that play anyways. Who says Brady doesnt throw an int the next play? Or Faulk fumbles or a sack and only they only get a field goal. The only way to analize it, is to analize what actually happened. He fumbled the Colts got the ball, punted it back to the Pats and they scored. It did not change the outcome of the game one bit. They were still up 3 scores with 12 minutes to go.