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    If we dont replace Seymoure with our 1st three picks then it was a bad trade. 

    Seymoure was a pure beast. When he wasn't getting the stats he was occupying 3 and sometimes 4 blockers. You could not run on his side and QB's knew they only had 3 seconds to get rid of the ball.

    We got to start taking better care of the players we have on board.
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    Re: KARMA

    *Guard. and Seymour wasnt as much of a beast in his last couple seasons with the pats. but i agree we need to replace him. It would appear we have replaced Asante with Devin. 
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    Re: KARMA

    Karma is for wussies. ANd that should start with 'p'.
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    Re: KARMA

    I don't get where karma comes into this.  The Pats have a good shot at getting multiple impact players to fill some very specific needs.  They have multiple high draft picks because they aren't afraid to pull the trigger on trades when they think it's the right time.  Seymour was all but gone, and they got what they could for him while they could get it.  You can argue that they missed him the past few years but BB has a pretty good track record of recognizing when his players aren't living up to their paycheck.  They used Seymour's money to re-sign Wilfork and I'm fine with that. 

    Shouldn't we all be optimistic since this team just went 14-2 in the midst of a rebuilding process?  They have some very valuable picks to fill the holes.  This team operates for sustainability, which is no easy task.  Yes, they have holes to fill but I think the way they go about building their roster makes sense.        
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    Re: KARMA

    I hope that everyone who talks about Asante does not forget who he had over the top almost every single time he had an INT, he had #37 the HOT ROD, a player who will never be duplicated.  BM tries but he just does not have the instincts that hot rod had.  So yes Asante was very effective in his time here but by no mean was he a lock down like champ, law, or McCourty will be. 
    Don't light me up for that, just saying he had a lot of help to make him shine.
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    Re: KARMA

    Still don't get the karma comment.  It's karma that the Pats got knocked out of the playoffs because they decided they needed to rebuild and get younger?  It's called building a team for future success and trying to make hard choices within the world of the salary cap.  Maybe if the Raiders won the superbowl and got there by beating the Patriots in Foxboro in a game where Seymour had 15 tackles and 5 sacks I'd agree with the irony, but it's still not karma.     

    With Seymour, it was likely that they had decided to hitch their wagon to Wilfork instead.  Both wanted big time money, only one was justifiably worth it since he's younger and plays a position that is harder to fill.  Mayo isn't Bruschi?  It took Bruschi years to become the player he was.  Of all the players that the Pats were criticized for releasing or not re-signing, I'd say that Samuel might've been the one they misjudged.  But everyone else was a calculated casualty, and Harrison took over for Milloy and I'd take Harrison any day.   

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    Re: KARMA

    617acrossdaboard and ALL:

    Like some have stated on here thus far, good ole "Karma", that's some tricky (and like you say 617)-VERY powerful mojo, right there...  Nothin' to be coy about, nothin' ta take lightly like enoch already did (whom, we haven't heard back from b/c he was hit by stray elephant falling on his house).   

    Lots a in's, lots a out's (In's & Out's); Lots'a up's & down's to this Karma thing.  Look, we can try (as I shall subsequently), to at least attempt some even fraction-of-a-glimpse, About what "Karma" trully means (and How this relates to the NE Patriots), BUT-
    Well, someone tells you that they FULLY understand "karma", And it's like you can volley right back, "Oh, so what's it LIKE, to fully grasp all-pervading Universal Truth, Punishment, Rewards, & Justice, after you've omnisciently weighed the actions, thoughts & motives of every single living creature In order to PRE-determine, the 'most' righteous design & scheme in a Final Sense, And to do this, outside of silly lil' 'Time's' constructing parameters?" 
         {And after their dumbounded response of, "Whaa?", Is when ya smash 'em in the head, & say, "That's speakin' on behalf of my boy, karma, Ya f'k-head."} 

    But that's another story, and let's not get too lost along this tricky web along our intended karmic path towards understanding (we're already tippy-toeing, lest we not forget enoch's karmic slight & fall under the same plight ourselves)

    ~KARMA within The Grand Scheme surrounding THE NE PATRIOTS~

    For brevity's sake, rather than begin our quest at the dawn of mankind, We shall start our Karmic Journey circa 2007 AD...  On a brisk & sunny September Sunday afternoon, one man, one- coach, began his faltering & disasterous brush with KARMA...  Bill Belichick=SPY-Gate (dum-da-dum).  The Result?  A Karmic b#tch-slap, the world over...Goin' 17 AND 0!  THEN, Then losing in the waning seconds of PERFECTION!  Then Draft pick lost-check, Seasonal & Superbowl Immaculance withered-check, and FINALLY, A Stain on Each & EVERY present, past, & future accomplishment-Bam-CHECK and MATE!  

    Yet, IF Anyone believes that This "Karma" thing is just a black and white, cut and dry single pieced tapestry of design, they are farrr Mistaken...  Karma, unlike Santa, doesn't make out a Good Kid vs Bad Kid black & white list, only then to deliver easily returnable (or stealable) presents that mean zilch...no way.  Karma does the opposite (karma's insidious):  Karma makes a list that is composed of NO Absolutes (in terms of pure good/worthy vs pure evil/unworthy)...Karma's list is an ongoing one of: "Right now, this dude's a little LESS cr#ppy, and/or, "This sh#thead's a speck more deserving...".  And again, UN-like Santa, WHEN Karma DOES make it's decision=WHAM-Oooo!  It's set in stone, babe...  I forget what I was getting at- 

    ~Alright, THIS is what I'm getting at: Conclusions from Karma in 2007~

    #1> Bill Belichick, according to the karmic eternal word of law, IS: A little more badder than Roger Goodell.  What Bill Belichick did was only Wrong in the parameters of it being NOT right in the sense that it was MORE wrong than former instances of it probably not being right, because a memo was sent
    (which wasn't the first memo that everyone disregarded, but was a stern, very stern memo) 

    #2> Roger Goodell, IS:
    Better enversed and/or a better friend, and/or just on better terms with 'Karma' (than Belichick). 

    #3> The Sum-total (termed "dharma" I believe-'duty') of ALL the collected acts & actions of EVERY single New Englander, and New England Patriots's Fan, and NE Patriots's Coach/Player/Personell/Ice-cream vendor, In the KNOWN Universe, was soooo god-awful bad & unworthy, THAT not only did it NOT supercede the "Less-Bad" worthiness of New Yorker's, NY Giants's Fans, and Giants's Coaches/Players/and ice-cream vendors, BUT NE's Karma was sooo bad (READ: pathetically unworthy, d#mnable...<a little more uunworthy than running over some nuns while you're torturing the archbishop's blind & deaf child in the car by making him eat his own seeing eye puppy...alive), THAT it wasn't even helped (NE's negative karma) by all those simply "wishing" & "begging" for the bad NE Patriots's Fans and Team (and residents & their pets)...  THIS "bad-tidings" Karma (termed: 'swingback-suck#r-karma'), should have helped NE (b/c karma doesn't like to be told what to do by anyone)...but NE was so much in the karmic sh#thouse=no dice. 
         An example here, of "swing-back suck#r" karma, which SHOULD have helped The NE Patriots...?  Outspoken Members of the ONLY other NFL Team to go undefeated in the regular season, AND actually win the Superbowl: The 1972 Miami Dolphins.  
         First Don Shula's comments about how: IF NE did go undefeated, "there should be an asterik next to their team & record...".  Unfortunately though for NE, this form of negative karma, was never RE-balanced in towards NE's negative karma.  My opinion of this here (and, this is simply a conjecture), Is that Karma isn't quite sure what exactly to make of Don Shula...he owns a steakhouse, but goes on nutrisystem?  Elitist hotel & golf club, medicare part d & breast-cancer spokesman?  What are you Don Shula, what are you?  Are you a Brown, A Colt, A Lion, A colt again, A Redskin, or a Dolphin...you sneaky karma sidestepper, you. 
    ~Indeed Shula himself summed up what he is, when he said in his autobiography:  "Grand River, a little fishing village up on Lake Erie. Mom and dad came over, dad migrated from the old country, large family we had twins and triplets in our family...," and, "The triplets were my first coaching job. When I was in the eighth grade and they were in the first grade at St. Mary's school I was in charge of them and I had to make sure that they got to school on time and got home on time and they did the things that they should be doing in school...," and, "We didn't have any champagne to toast each other. But we did have some Diet Cokes up there. We lifted the Diet Cokes."  Indeed... Yes, yes indeed.
         One would think karmically, that at least Mercury Morris woulda given some swingback-sway to NE's ill-fortunes, considering he really was rather outspoken RE: New England's chances, their filming within Spygate, and the '72 fins superiority...?  Alas, the ONLY thing I can but conclude from this is that when karma weighed up Mercury Morris's lifelong stumbling block surname, his donations to the field of male balding, & his abilities as an RB (not very fast, not very powerful, & not very strong....or elusive, either), that even his numerous coke busts wouldn't touch what Morris overcame...  
    ~So when in 2007, Mercury Morris stated the following on ESPN RE: NE's chance at perfection..., "Well, considerin they got like ten more icebergs to go over in this titanic trip that some are talkin about and no so no so far nobody has made it across that thing except us so we're over docked here waitin'on'ya, an' then so don' come to me, like I said, they HAVEN'T done that and then don't call me when you're in my town I'm tellin' ya, call me when you're on my block an' I see'ya next door movin your furniture in cause that's when I know you're goin to the championship and you're about ta play and if'ya win it then that's when I'll be dressed up in a tuxedo waitin' on my bride...," it makes me think that even karma has a soft-spot somewhere for ole' merc.

    #4> Once Karma makes it's decision, there's no take-backs...  Karma knows ALL, & Determines ALL (way in advance).  I'm not sure when, but it IS definately in the restraints one would dub as, some-time (if I were to hedge a bet here, which is pretty risk-e, I'd go with after lunch but BEFORE 4:15).  In otherwords, IF The NY Giants & NE Patriots were to play that Superbowl, in some timeless span of the universe, Yet with-IN that already predetermined-by-the-sum-totals-of-karmic-collected-duty, timeframe of 2007...The end result would be the same.....always.  Zillion Times?  Zillion wins by Giants and zillion NE heartbreaks. 
         Don't believe me?  Example: Asante dropping the game-synching for NE INT...  Ya need not go any further than this.  Karma, had ALREADY sensed that this was Asante's last year with The Patriots...  NE's cheap...face it, they are.  And there's some obscure things one might be able to conclude here: 
    Either "karma" doesn't like low-ball spenders (don't be gettin' cheapsie on karma)...and even though karma has in the past, favored some low-ball spenders, karma might have changed it's mind (also, karma favors the player's union over the owners),
    OR Karma likes a higher-tiered payscale of big name free agents backed by schlubs, instead of a more diverse sense of player payroll management with spread out profit sharing (this will and can be, forever proven with the simple notion that in 1 draft, in 1 sport, on 1 team, when said team had the chance to draft a higher-profile character in Clay Matthews, AND opted to trade down and instead acquire 2-3 players, said 2-3 players, might not have had as big a pro impact for their team in a 2 year time span, than that 1 big-name player=1 single Trade Down=Proof of Cheapness forever=Karma hates The New England Patriots's management principles & will rain he!!fire & brimstone down until it sees fit),
    OR Asante Samuel had already done some backroom deal with karma to smooze karma onto his side due to his upcoming contract demands he wanted NE to pay (Karma=HATES the franchise tag)...
    The End Result?  Asante was HIMSELF (probably unknowing, b/c karma took over his hands & brain for that split second)- WORKING on behalf of Karma...  PRE-determined.  Asante wasn't goin' to get paid by NE, Therefore, Asante by-way-of-karma (or it's brainwashing), was NOT going to help NE Win the sb (and in fact, through karma's invasion of the body-snatcher's tactics, Asante/Karma- was to AID in NE losing the sb).  {This rationale is also known as Deductive Karma}  
         Didn't even matter anyway (that was simply an exclamation point)...  No game-plan was needed by NY, and like I said, all the players woulda had to do was just take the field, and karma woulda done the rest.  In fact, "a zillion times?"  The only change for eternity would be in where the commercial breaks would be (but not, "what").
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    Re: KARMA

    In Response to KARMA:
    http:// When he wasn't getting the stats he was occupying 3 and sometimes 4 blockers.
    Posted by 617AcrossDaBoard

    Really? up to 4 blockers? I'm okay with 2

    But, in general, we need help on OL and DL and OLB
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    Re: KARMA

    In Response to Re: KARMA:
    In Response to Re: KARMA : Did anyone seriously read this?
    Posted by BBReigns

    And to think, I once admired your portrayal on the drywick mesh, climacool half-shirt...not simply because it allows for added ventilation while allowing surface heat to escape, or because the color white along with the abdominable showing cut-off is not merely fashionable, nor just perfectly heat-practical, but brazenly homoerotic too...No Russ, It was because I know that your stance, was on behalf of ALL these things, each & every last one. There was a time in my life that I respected you for this...
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    Re: KARMA

    changes happen every year..and are necessary...for what ever reason...cap, age... attitude...and each year is its own entity

    so whining about a guy who only cares about getting paid...and seymour samual and now mankins all fall into that category...is useless...and replacing specific players is impossible because all players are different... and thats why brady is brady or tippett was tippett...none of the other 3 players mentioned above are in that category...but were good players..

    it is just a fact that most people dont remember when they(the pats) were just hoping to have a good season.. a winning season...  and not a 14-2 season or a perenial super bowl contender... now there is nothing less than sb victory

    people will rue the day when bill retires.. simple as that...
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    Re: KARMA

    russ basically he said he liked and respected you because you repped all loyal pats fans when others didnt ...

    but you just dissed him....

    he goes on long diatribes... but there are generally very good pieces of wisdom mixed in with sarcasm and some other imaginative "stuff"

    good looks laz...
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    Re: KARMA

    You cannot assess the Seymour trade without also taking into account he was likely gone at the end of the year anyway.  Would we have won it all in 2009 had we kept Seymour?  No.  Would we have franchised Seymour or signed him to another big deal?  Only BB knows, but I doubt it.

    We traded one year of a good player for pick #17.  Even then, he has clearly stepped up his game this year.  He was not a "beast" for us.  Very good at times, often good, but seldom a beast...unless playing in a contract year.  Hmmm........

    If I'm not mistaken, don't the Raiders have a lot of players about to be FA's?  They can't franchise all of them.  I suspect Seymour was just being Seymour, and stepped up his game in a contract year.  I liked the guy as a player, but nobody will convince me he played hard every game every year.
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    Re: KARMA

     Last decade we won 3 superbowls in 4 years. Acording to the rules laid down by the media networks we should be stinking up the AFC for at least another 5 years instead we make the playoffs with the youngest defence in the NFL and we still own the 2011 draft.
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    Re: KARMA

    Asante dropped a sure interception that would have resulted in a perfect season. Everytime I see that ball bounce off his numbers, I cry. Rodney wouldnt have let that drop. That was the most important catch to make in his career. In 99.9% of all players careers. Instead David Tyree made his catch count and the rest is history. Asante will never be forgiven.
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    Re: KARMA

    In Response to Re: KARMA:
    [QUOTE]Asante dropped a sure interception that would have resulted in a perfect season. Everytime I see that ball bounce off his numbers, I cry. Rodney wouldnt have let that drop. That was the most important catch to make in his career. In 99.9% of all players careers.

    I also remember the growing pains Samuel put the Pats into.  He was not really a good CB until the year before his free agent year.  I also will not forget the dropped INT.  Maybe if he had caught it BB would have paid him.