Keep An Eye on Ochocinco

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    Re: Keep An Eye on Ochocinco

    The rules of the line of scrimmage really make it impossible to run more than five wide,full spread. I think you can't legally send more than five players out on a given play or something.
    Posted by zbellino

    My post was actually in jest. I think the current corp of WR is already more than good. We cannot be greedy when there are limited cap room, some position need and future contracts that still have to be addressed.
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    Re: Keep An Eye on Ochocinco

    "worth a PAIR OF FIRST ROUNDERS" Uh, was this a typo?? Then in the very next sentence you say "The problem is that no one will give that to Cincy for him." Well, if no one will give that for him, I guess he isn't worth it then, is he? Cincy will consider themselves lucky to get a 3rd rounder for this bigmouth, primadonna, showboat whiner. I wouldn't want to see him in a patriot uniform if he came here for nothing. 
    Posted by unclealfie


    A healthy, mentally functional Chad Jackson who is an all star every year complete wide reciever with a $5 mil per contract for three seasons is worth a pair of first rounders. Easy.

    A recently dinged, disgruntled, underperforming, sitting out of camp "Ocho Cinco" is worth much, much less.

    No one will give the Bengals what he is worth in "pure talent" because they know the Bengals have to get rid of him.

    Consider this. If some team offered NE a 1st rounder for Randy Moss you would laugh right? But if Randy Moss were pulling what Ocho is pulling, (sitting out, playing half-speed, badmouthing the team) all of a sudden you might be happy to get a 2nd.

    Cassel under contract? At least a first and second. Cassel that NE needed to get rid of? #34.

    If I have a thoroughbred race horse worth $200,000 but he won't let me ride him, am I going to get $200,000 for him in an open market if the buyer knows I cannot use him??

    No. I would be lucky to get a quarter of that value.

    Abstract value vs Actual value in context.

    That is the catch-22 here.

    Marvin Lewis refuses to get hosed on his "actual" value, but no team will ever cough that up. The Redskins' offer of a first and something extra was about as good as they will possibly get.

    As it stands, like I said, I am beginning to think it is ideological, and that *no price* could get Ocho, because Lewis wants to send the message to his players that they can't shoot their way out of Cincy.
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