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Keep, Trade or DUMP

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    Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin Watson?

    Laurence Maroney?

    Adalius Thomas?

    Kevin Faulk?

    Matt Light?

    Vince Wilfork?

    Shawn Springs?

    Gary Guyton?

    Shawn Crable?

    Terrance Wheatley?

    Fred Taylor?

    Sammy Morris?

    Sam Aiken?

    Jarvis Green?

    Also who do you think we should try to trade for, pick up via free agency,draft?Logical!!
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Keep Gary Guyton
    i love his effort and hes a very good player
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin Watson?
    Keep him if the price is right but it only takes one team to offer a crazy contract.  I don't think he plays for the Pats next year.
    Laurence Maroney?
    Trade him, he's got some value and with one year left on his contract get a pick in this draft that has depth.
    Adalius Thomas?
    Trade or Dump, regardless I wouldn't mind  not getting anything as long as he's not back but do try first to get a draft pick or player/s in return.
    Kevin Faulk?
    KEEP, its Kevin Faulk, we still need him to demonstrate what been a Patriot is all about plus he's still very productive.
    Matt Light?
    Trade him, I don't think he plays for the Patriots next year.  There's trade value and I think we take a 3rd or 4th rounder for him
    Vince Wilfork?
    Heart says keep but brain says it is not possible.  He will be franchised and traded to prevent an ugly summer
    Shawn Springs?
    If not retireed cut him
    Gary Guyton?
    Keep him but, I move him outside.  This is his natural position not MLB, he also wouldn't start unless we can't get any olb in the draft.  That means an open spot is open in the middle, I think we go after it in FA.  We need a vocal leader on the D and if we can't get VW you need to monster MLBs behind he NT.
    Shawn Crable?
    Cheap so keep only until he goes through training camp, if he stays healthy and shows the ability he's supposed to have then keep him on the final roster.  Have to admit everytime I think about Crable I am hopeful he just had bad luck because this guy can't look the part any better.
    Terrance Wheatley?
    Practice squad or cut him, he's not shown anything and we are going to draft a true CB
    Fred Taylor?
    Depends what happens in the draft but keep, he will not be the starter next year
    Sammy Morris?
    I like sammy I would keep a roster spot but if the (R) we draft runs well he might be not active in more and more games
    Sam Aiken?
    Special Teams
    Jarvis Green?
    Depends who else we can get at DE, there really isn't any depth on the team so this one is only based if we can pickup 2 DEs in FA and 1 or 2 in the draft. He's solid as a backup but I don't like him as a starter.
    Also who do you think we should try to trade for, pick up via free agency,draft?Logical!!
    No trades in FA, we go after true FAs maybe one RFA but no more sending picks for players.  Karlos Dansby, Malcon Floyd are two of the guys I hope we bring in.

    In the draft I think we'll have a 2nd 1st round for Vince plus maybe a 3rd or 4th.  I'm not sure what Light will bring in but should be 4th, AD we'll probably end up releasing but I would take a 6th or 7th to get a punter.
    LM I don't know what his value is, he was productive enough to maybe get a 3rd or 4th IMO.
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin "Stone Hands" Watson

     Not much depth at TE, but would cost too much to keep-Dump

    Lawrence Maroney

     Change needs to be made-Trade

    Adalius Thomas

     We all know the situation here-Trade

    Kevin Faulk
     Getting old, but still productive-Keep
    Matt Light

     No longer the best LT on the team, doesn't play any other position-Trade

    Vince Wilfork
     Franchise him try to resign long term, if we can't, trade-Keep/Trade

    Shawn Springs

     Veteran pressence in a young secondary-Keep

    Gary Guyton

     Draft or sign FA MLB (Dansby?) try Guyton's speed as outside speed rusher-Keep
    Shawn Crable
     Give him his injury settlement when he gets hurt in camp this year-Dump

     No improvement-Dump

    Fred Taylor

     Change needs to be made in backfield-Dump

    Sammy Morris

     Although injury prone, still the best every down back on the team-Keep

    Sam Aiken

     Good special teamer-Keep

    Jarvis Green

     Seems to have taken a step back, decent back up-Keep

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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin Watson, Keep! We only have 1 TE if we cut him or trade him.

    Laurence Maroney, Keep! He is keeping the backfield young, we cant have a backfield with a 100 year old Running Backs. But keep him at a affordable price.

    Adalius Thomas, Trade! As people have said we dont want him to land with the jets, i agree. TRADE!

    Kevin Faulk, Keep! He is the most reliable RB when it comes to receiving outta the backfield.

    Matt Light, Trade! Hes a injury waiting to happen.

    Vince Wilfork, Keep! We need Wilfork, who will be his replacement if he goes? A 3-4 defense needs a stud NT. He should not expect Haynesworth money, and Kraft should dig deep in his pockets for this guy, i belive Wilfork wants big bucks!

    Shawn Springs, Keep! We need depth at CB, Wilhite & Wheatly aint gettin it done!

    Gary Guyton, Keep! We also need depth at LB.

    Shawn Crable, Cut! We havent seen this guy do anything since 2008. If he comes back strong, cut Guyton and keep Crable.

    Terrence Wheatly, Cut! Straight up a bad CB, and doesent do anything.

    Fred Taylor, Keep! He does a good job when hes not hurt, but if we keep him we need to cut either Faulk or Morris.

    Sammy Morris, Keep! We could use all the RB's to rotate them around, and Sammy had maybe 2 really amazing runs! Against Baltimore in week 4, and against the Titans.

    Sam Aiken, Keep! We need him on Special Teams, and did a good job in Wembley stadium and against the Dolphins!

    Jarvis Green, Cut! Has he really done anything this season? Its time for anybody else to step up to the table!

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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

      The only one I would dump for sure is Thomas. Other than him, it all depends on who we get to replace the others. It's easy to say this player or that player is not getting the job done, but there are worse possibilitys. There are other variables to consider, also. Such as salary cap, etc, etc. Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I am not getting paid enough to formulate the off season agenda of the Patriots. I have faith in BB to take care of the Patriots. (I think)
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin Watson?  Pats need an upgrade

    Laurence Maroney?  Keep, he's part of the running back by committee approach and would be relatively cheap

    Adalius Thomas?  If the Pats can take the salary cap hit in the uncapped year he may be better off elsewhere.  Or trade him for whatever you can get.   

    Kevin Faulk?  Keep, without a doubt. 

    Matt Light?  Cap ramifications?  Would he restructure? 

    Vince Wilfork?  Sign him, he's your best defensive player and you have to pay someone. 

    Shawn Springs?  Keep him, relatively cheap and was effective when he played

    Gary Guyton?  Part of the LB rotation -- a two down situational player.  Solid if not spectacular. 

    Shawn Crable?  Last chance to stick, or be called a bust. 

    Terrance Wheatley?  Hasn't done much for a 2nd round pick, and it's pretty telling if he can't beat out a rookie or other marginal guys. 

    Fred Taylor?  If he's healthy and willing, add him to the RB stable. 

    Sammy Morris?  Ditto my taylor comments.

    Sam Aiken?  Good special teams guy, not a good option as a 3rd receiver.   

    Jarvis Green?  He is not a starter and does he still have a big contract?  If so, see ya. 
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Every move that BB makes this offseason will have a direct bearing on the quality of team he brings in next year, Watson can go,Maroney,Taylor and Morris can be traded or let go,Wilfork and Light should be traded for maximum draft choices as this is the draft of all recent drafts quantity and quality wise,AD sorry it didn't work out trade or cut,bring back all of the others Faulk,Wheatley,Aiken,Green,Springs,Guyton,and any other player they need.
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    Re: Keep, Trade or DUMP

    Benjamin Watson? (keep for cheap, he played decently this year)

    Laurence Maroney? (keep, with a bruising back and a better O-line he will do much better)

    Adalius Thomas? (trade)

    Kevin Faulk? (keep)

    Matt Light? (keep, switch to RT)

    Vince Wilfork? (whatever it costs sign him there is no cap!)

    Shawn Springs? (resign)

    Gary Guyton? (keep played very well for an UDFA)

    Shawn Crable? (keep he should be healthy and should know the playbook, he was hardly ever injured at michigan so he should have a healthy year next year)

    Terrance Wheatley? (keep for training camp competition)

    Fred Taylor? (keep good when healthy)

    Sammy Morris? (keep for camp competition, bring in a rookie to replace)

    Sam Aiken? (keep)

    Jarvis Green? (keep, great backup)

    Also who do you think we should try to trade for, pick up via free agency,draft?Logical!!

    FA- jason taylor, stallworth, peppers (if he is a FA)
    Draft- Jason Veldheer OT (Hillsdale)  vollmer 2.0?- great size and speed just needs work with technique, Jerry Hughes OLB (TCU), toby gerhart RB (stanford), kyle wilson CB