Kevin Faulk a free agent?

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    Kevin Faulk a free agent?

    Anyone hear news on #33? I believe he's a free agent this offseason. I actually think he had his best year running the ball last year. His hands were far better than years past. We all know he has great hands as a pass catcher, but was fumble prone over the years. He's been overlooked this offseason by much of the fans and media. I want this guy back! He has been our best 3rd down option and has shown no signs of production loss. Also he's a key locker room guy in a locker that has a leadership perception problem.
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    Re: Kevin Faulk a free agent?

    kevin faulk is my favorite patriot of all time.  he's an under-the-radar guy who is totally underrated, and has been Mr. Everything for the pats.  I want them to resign him for a year or two, have him retire a patriot, and then see him in the patriots hall of fame.